Did you know that email marketing has the highest return on investment of all forms of marketing? If you’re not already using ecommerce email marketing for your online store, you could be missing out on some serious revenue from new and existing customers alike.

But if you’re already busy running your ecommerce store, how do you find the time to learn and run effective online marketing? The answer is in Constant Contact’s integrations with ecommerce platforms. Whether you’re using Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, or another online selling platform, you can connect your online store to Constant Contact for seamless and effective online marketing.

In this article, we’ll show you what integrations with ecommerce platforms are available and how you can start using them to sell more with Constant Contact.

Why use ecommerce integrations for your online marketing?

The short answer is that ecommerce integrations help you to sell more in less time. You can get your marketing done fast with customizable, drag-and-drop retail-specific templates and integrations with ecommerce platforms. 

With these integrations, you can auto-sync your contacts, orders, and product data from tools you’re already using  — like Shopify, PayPal, Square, WooCommerce, Quickbooks, eBay, Etsy, and many more. 

With just one login, you can do your email marketing, plan and schedule your social media posts, run social media and Google Ads, update your online store, and see reporting of what’s working best — all in one place.

Constant Contact makes it easy and affordable to get more sales from existing customers and get new customers, with all of the marketing tools that retail businesses need, and an award-winning support team that has helped thousands of retailers reach their goals for over 20 years. 

By connecting your Constant Contact account with the tools you already use like your ecommerce platform, online marketplace, payment system, accounting software, or point of sales system, you’ll be able to sync customer data, segment your lists, and send targeted emails. 

Now let’s take a look at what integrations are available to help you grow your retail business online.

Constant Contact integrations with Ecommerce platforms


Ready to sell more with Shopify email marketing? Save time and maximize your revenue by connecting your Shopify store to Constant Contact so you can:

  • Drag and drop products into your emails
  • Send targeted promotions or new product emails to your best, recent, one-time, lapsed, and repeat customers
  • Automate abandoned cart emails
  • Track how much revenue your emails are driving

Check out the Shopify integration.


Constant Contact’s integration with WooCommerce can power your email marketing, saving you time and helping you to sell more. Top features of our WooCommerce integration include:

  • Drag and drop products into your emails
  • Segment your email list and send more targeted emails
  • Automate your email marketing campaigns to drive more revenue with less hands-on effort
  • Find and capture new customers with email list growth tools like Facebook Lead Ads, pop-up sign-up forms and more.

Check out the WooCommerce integration.


Using BigCommerce for your ecommerce store? Sync your customer data from BigCommerce to your Constant Contact account to send targeted emails to your customers that maximize their value.

Check out the BigCommerce Integration.


Save time by syncing your customer data from Magento to your Constant Contact account to drag and drop products into your emails and drive more sales through your marketing.

Son, you’ll be able to segment your customers and set triggers to send targeted information to each segment.

Check out the Magento Integration.

Online marketplace integrations


Drive more sales with Constant Contact’s eBay integration. Connect your eBay account to sync your contacts, turn buyers into email subscribers, and create segments based on purchase behavior to target your marketing.

Check out the eBay integration.

Ecommerce payment system integrations


Drive more sales by linking your Constant Contact account to your Paypal shopping cart or checkout page and inserting a branded Paypal button directly into your emails.

Learn more about our PayPal integration.

Accounting software integrations


Constant Contact for QuickBooks Online auto imports all of your customers into a selected Constant Contact list. After the initial import, the integration seamlessly updates your contacts – keeping your Constant Contact list ready for a next mailing. This integration is free to use for Constant Contact and QuickBooks customers.

Check out the Quickbooks integration.

Point of Sales (POS) system integrations

You can also sync Constant Contact with your POS system to import customer data and send targeted messages to your customers and prospects.

Check out our integrations for Square, Retail Pro, NetSuite, and Clover POS.