Every month, hundreds of thousands of people use Google to search for financial service professionals. As a financial advisor, you have the opportunity to connect with many of these searchers — but you’ll need to use the right top financial keywords to increase your visibility. 

When it comes to getting discovered by potential clients, optimizing your website with the top financial advisor SEO keywords is crucial. 

Well-chosen keywords will drive leads to your site, help you gain more clients, and — ultimately— launch your business to the next level. 

If you’re ready to optimize your website, but you’re a beginner at SEO, don’t worry! In this article, you’ll learn:

  • How to choose the best keywords for your financial advisor business
  • Top keywords for financial advisors
  • The importance of using similar keywords
  • How to use financial keywords effectively

Get the expert marketing advice and tools you need to find new financial clients and increase investment from existing ones.

How to choose the best keywords for your financial advisor businesses

Whether you’re launching an accounting website or redesigning your financial management landing page, you’ll need to use top keywords to boost your SEO ranking. But how do you find them? 

To get started, you can use Google’s Keyword Planner. This must-have tool allows you to start with a primary keyword — in this case, “financial advisor” — and generate the top ideas for similar and relevant keywords.

Google Keyword planner
Google Keyword Planner makes it easy to explore keywords for your financial advisor website and content.

After you’ve typed in your desired keyword, you can hone in your list by adding more keywords or refining your keyword by industry, branded versus non-branded, and more. 

Once you’ve generated your list, you might be wondering how to choose the right keywords for your financial advisor business. You can’t use all of the keywords listed, and you shouldn’t. 

Instead, focus on particular qualities in your keywords, including:


Utilizing keywords that specify your city, state, and region can be immensely influential. These keywords can help your visibility because of the proximity to your searchers.


Google’s Keyword Planner can show you how competitive a keyword is, specific to your location and targeting options if you select them. The competition level is described as either low, medium, or high and related to the number of advertisers bidding on your selected keyword.

When choosing highly competitive keywords, keep in mind that you will need to rank higher than more businesses to appear in searches.


Whenever possible, aim to use keywords that are specific to your unique business. If you offer a specialty or particular service, use keywords that reflect it. 

Specificity can help you stand out by using less competitive keywords. Put plainly, the less competitive keywords you can leverage, the more likely you are to appear in a search for them.

This is where long-tail keywords come in. These keywords are lengthy and often-hyper specific. 

Visitors often use long-tail keywords when they are farther into the research phase and nearly ready to convert to a customer. In order to be effective, a long-tail keyword should be as specific as possible to the services you offer. For example, “fee-only financial planner riverside county” would be more desirable than simply “financial planner.”

Google Keyword Planner
Add keywords and refine your search by adding relevant details with Google Keyword Planner.

Top keywords for financial advisors

You must stay up-to-date on the top keywords for your financial business. According to a search on Google’s Keyword Planner, here are keywords that ranked among or near the top 50 for financial advisors:

  • financial advisor
  • financial consultant
  • financial advisor near me
  • financial planner
  • financial consultant near me
  • certified financial planner
  • equitable advisors
  • wealth advisor
  • financial planning near me
  • retirement planner near me
  • investment advisor near me
  • wealth advisor near me
  • independent financial advisor
  • best financial advisors
  • registered investment advisor
  • personal financial advisor
  • fiduciary financial advisor
  • financial advisor cost
  • fee only financial planner
  • financial planning advice
  • wealth management advisor
  • mutual financial advisor
  • independent financial advice
  • certified financial advisor
  • licensed financial advisor
  • top financial advisors
  • forbes best in state wealth advisors
  • becoming a financial advisor
  • wealth management
  • fiduciary near me
  • find a financial advisor
  • certified financial planner near me
  • fiduciary financial advisor near me
  • local financial advisor
  • fee only financial advisor
  • best financial planners
  • best financial advisors near me
  • fiduciary advisors
  • investment adviser search
  • financial advisor companies
  • personal financial planner
  • investment advisor near me
  • licensed financial advisor
  • financial advisor fee
  • financial planning firms
  • emoney advisors
  • retirement financial planner
  • financial advisor reddit
  • private wealth advisor
  • investments advisor

Note: The ranking of keywords and phrases can, and does, change. So, make sure and do your own keyword research each time you’re looking to create more content.

The importance of using similar keywords

Not all terms are created equal. A financial manager does not provide the same service as a financial consultant, who does not do the same work as a financial planner, and so forth. 

However, prospective clients may not know the difference  — especially early on in their search. Because of this, you may be missing out on valuable financial services leads.

Consider creatively incorporating a variety of keywords, even if they aren’t technically correct for describing your services. This will help potential customers who have the right intent, but the wrong terminology find you more easily.

How to use financial keywords effectively

Once you’ve honed in on the perfect batch of keywords, you’ll want to make sure you are maximizing their power. SEO for financial services can seem tricky, but there are many ways to go about boosting your ranking in online searches. 

Maximize the efficacy of your keywords by:

Having a well-designed website

The best place to use your top keywords is on your website. Consider using a website builder to help optimize your content, meta descriptions, and headings. 

Make sure your website operates smoothly and is mobile-responsive. You don’t want to lose leads to inconvenience. Having a landing page that is media-rich and seamlessly integrates your keywords can help elevate your SEO ranking.

Using content marketing

Using financial content marketing provides a multi-pronged approach to using your top keywords effectively. Content marketing focuses on utilizing elements such as:

By using multimedia content, you gain more visibility among your niche audience. The goal is to create content that is not only attention-grabbing but useful to prospective clients.

Optimizing your profiles

Another way to make the most of your carefully curated keywords is to claim and manage your various profiles and listings. Important profiles to moderate include:

Use an SEO tool

One of the easiest ways to manage your keywords is via Constant Contact’s SEO tools. These comprehensive tools make it simple to use keywords, optimize your website, and gain valuable insights about your website’s traffic and overall performance. 

Using an SEO tool can help you learn the ropes of Search Engine Optimization without sacrificing the quality of your website and content.

Learn how to optimize your keyword usage

Now that you understand the importance of finding the top keywords for financial advisors and how to use them effectively, are you ready to get started? 
Search Engine Optimization and top keywords are just a few elements of your financial advisor marketing plan. If you want to continue learning more about financial services marketing, check out The Download, a free marketing guide for financial service professionals. You can also explore tips for running effective financial advisor ads.