Your audience wants to feel the love from your nonprofit organization, and with the right anniversary email, you can let them know you care to inspire more donations.

If they receive an email on the same day of the year as their first donation, they’ll start to develop a habit of supporting your organization, as long as you continue to fulfill your promise of helping the cause.

Learn how to craft the right message that makes your audience feel appreciated, and want to help, again and again.

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Remind your audience of when they first donated

The most powerful technique you can use is email marketing with consistency. The same reasons they first supported your cause are likely the same reasons they would continue to want to help.

Remind them why the cause is important, and what you’ll be doing with their donation money. Thank them again for their initial donation, and even include the initial donation amount. The more specific you can attribute your gratitude, the more powerful it will feel.

Entice them to donate again for the same amount (or more)

It’s easier to do something if you’ve already done it, so seeing last year’s donation amount will compel your audience to repeat it this year. Making donating as easy as clicking a call-to-action button will make sure the gifts continue to roll in. The button within your email should link directly to your donation page to reduce the number of steps from email to a successful donation.

You can also offer the reader a chance to increase their donation. As long as donating more is just as easy as donating the same amount, you’re likely to get a significant percentage of your audience to increase their support.

Create an anniversary email that sends automatically

With an email list of any size, remembering to send an anniversary email on the exact date of the first donation for each audience member would be nearly impossible. Instead, you can setup a Recurring Anniversary Email with the tools from Constant Contact.

You can create an anniversary automation campaign with the same ease as creating a one-time email, and use different designs to address different segments of your audience to keep your message personal. Make sure to update your email’s design from year to year so the message doesn’t become stale and ineffective.

Keep the donations coming all year

While your anniversary email is important for consistent donation support, you can still make it possible for your audience to donate throughout the year. Make sure there’s a section on your website where donors can pitch in any time they visit your nonprofit organization online.

You can also include a similar call-to-action in emails that you send throughout the year. This helps to keep your branding consistent to the messaging in your anniversary email, and also keeps your donations coming consistently in between the annual appeals.

Show your favorite donors you appreciate their support

Since the most important support system for any nonprofit is your donor audience, keeping them donating and engaged will help your organization grow. With the right anniversary email, you can let them know you care and inspire them to donate at the same time. Help your audience feel the love with a special thank you every year.

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