We recently learned that Google has changed the way Gmail displays images in its emails.

Normally, every time a subscriber opens one of your marketing emails, the images are downloaded to their device — sending a signal to us here at Constant Contact that we register in your open rates report.

Now, Google is “caching” images on its own servers to speed up the amount of time it takes to download them, which is making some people wonder if open rates will be impacted.

So, should you be concerned about your open rates?

Some email marketing providers have reported that this change from Gmail has impacted their ability to accurately report open rates. We’ve tested our systems, and Constant Contact continues to accurately track your unique open rates exactly as it always has. We expect that there may be impact for Constant Contact customers in terms of total open rate. We’ll keep you posted as we further investigate this change.

We’ll keep an eye out for future changes for you.

Gmail is constantly looking to make sure its email platform serves its customers to the best of its ability. We can’t predict what change will be next, but customers can rest assured that Constant Contact is poised to manage any changes that may come our way.