Whether you’re just launching your house cleaning business or are looking for new ways to connect with clients, it’s likely that you’re missing out on valuable potential business. If you’re wondering where this untapped potential is waiting, the answer may surprise you — Craigslist. While you’ve probably heard of this household name, now is the time to learn more about how house cleaning ads on Craigslist can help your business reach new heights.

You may think of Craigslist as a thrifty way to find furniture, a car, a new apartment, or even a roommate. However, Craigslist is a powerful tool for connecting with new clients. This article will cover the basics of posting house cleaning ads on Craigslist, including the following:

  • How Craigslist works
  • How Craigslist can help your house cleaning business 
  • Five tips for writing house cleaning ads on Craigslist  
  • Three requirements for effective house cleaning ads

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How Craigslist works

Essentially, Craigslist is a huge online directory for services, goods, housing, and jobs. If you’re wondering if anyone uses Craigslist anymore, the answer is a resounding “Yes.” Despite its lack of marketing and advertising, Craigslist consistently ranks among the top 20 most visited websites in America.

The appeal of Craigslist is its simple design, which admittedly looks archaic when compared to sleeker websites. However, the plain design is easy to use, looks clean, and offers users a taste of simpler times.

The way Craigslist works is straightforward. People who have services, goods, jobs, or something else to offer post under intuitive headings like “for sale,” “jobs,” and “housing.” Then, site visitors can find services, goods, and more by simply clicking under the appropriate heading to find a plain text listing, which includes contact information. The client can then reach out by phone or email, depending on the information provided.

How Craigslist can help your house cleaning business

So, how can this simple online directory help your house cleaning business? While modern marketing techniques like social media ads are great, Craigslist provides a streamlined way for your clients to find exactly what they’re looking for in a household service provider.

By clicking on the “household” button under the “services” heading, potential clients can quickly scan local postings for a listing that meets their needs. A well-crafted ad can get you viewership on a website that has billions of views per month. Craigslist has a loyal following of users. By tapping into this unique community, you are likely to earn a significant number of new clients.

You should know that Craigslist has imposed a five-dollar fee for posting services listings. This fee is meant to discourage spammers and fake business owners from posting and create space for legitimate business postings like yours. The result is more access to potential client leads.

Five tips for writing house cleaning ads on Craigslist

If you’re ready to add Craigslist to your repertoire of house cleaning marketing strategies, it is helpful to know the ins and outs of a great Craigslist ad. Make your ad stand out among the flood of plain text listings with the following easy strategies:

1. Include the right information

The key to an outstanding house cleaning ad on Craigslist is including the right information — and the right amount of information. The goal is to keep your listing simple while giving your client all of the essential information they need. There is some vital info you should include in your ad:

  • the name of your business 
  • your name
  • contact information
  • a clear description of the services you offer
  • any licenses or insurance you carry
  • the number of years you’ve been in business
  • any satisfaction guarantees you offer
  • relevant info about quotes
  • clear pricing
  • any promotions or deals
  • well-known clients
  • specialty services

Above all else, it is important to make sure your potential clients can quickly read your name, the services you offer, and your contact info. Include a clear list of benefits to let clients know why they should choose your business over the competition.

Keep your ad simple to make it stand out against publicity by large businesses and gimmicky ads. Your clients will often have a strong sense of whether or not they will book you based on your descriptions of services and pricing. 

2. Use relevant keywords

Another essential ingredient for a successful Craigslist ad is relevant keyword usage. While you should be using keywords throughout your ad, you have the option to create a keyword list at the bottom of your posting.

Your keyword list should be succinct and match what your readers are searching for when they visit Craigslist in search of services. Though Craigslist keywords are more straightforward, conduct keyword research to make sure you’ve built a comprehensive list.

3. Include appealing details in your title

Distinguish yourself from the competition by including relevant or enticing details in the title of your listing. When clients search under a specific heading, they are greeted by a long collection of one-line ad titles. Including unique or trust-building keywords in your title can help you stand out from the crowd.

Here are some examples of keywords to consider using in your title:

  • top-rated
  • licensed
  • insured
  • free estimates
  • in-demand 
  • affordable

When crafting your title, you should be careful to avoid common pitfalls, such as writing in all caps or overloading your title with too many keywords. Using caps lock or cramming keywords can come off as unprofessional, spammy, and a little bit desperate.

4. List competitive prices 

Clients often look to Craigslist for more affordable pricetags. If you are offering an appealing price for your house cleaning services, don’t be shy! Confidently list your competitive pricing directly in your ad. Shoppers will appreciate the convenience of finding your prices directly in the ad. By putting your client’s experience first, you are likely to earn new business from shoppers who are looking to save time in the research process.

5. Send clients to your website 

While Craigslist doesn’t allow its listings to include hyperlinks, you still have the opportunity to provide a clear call to action. As well as listing your phone number or email address, include the name and URL of your website.

If you’ve spent time building your professional website, you’ll want potential clients to stop by. Even better, be sure to direct them to your booking portal for a streamlined user experience.

Three requirements for an effective house cleaning ad 

Wondering what an excellent Craigslist ad looks like? These examples demonstrate how to write your next Craigslist ad:

1. A great title

Diem Craigslist ad title "$69 Home Cleaning Services House Condo Apartment Maid Deep Move in out"
The starting rate in the title of this Craigslist ad makes it stand out.

Diem, a house cleaning business and services app, stands out with a tasteful emoji, simple title, and easy-to-read pricing. 

2. An appealing logo

Diem Flyer in Craigslist ad showing logo, brand colors, and special pricing
Use a vibrant logo or flyer for a professional look.

In its ad, Diem continues to create an effective ad by including a polished flyer and logo.  

3. The right information

Diem Craigslist ad showing pricing and services
Include pricing in your ad to streamline the user experience.

Finally, Diem rounds out its stellar ad with transparent pricing, an easy-to-copy link to its website, and a clear list of services.

Cleanup with Craigslist ads

Ultimately, your goal is to attract new clients and send them to your website. Think of Craigslist as another piece of your well-rounded marketing strategy. Now that you’ve learned how to use Craigslist to market your household cleaning service, it’s time to get started.