When you’re marketing for a small business, you’re at least a month ahead of everything else. Or at least you try to be. 

Yet, here we are, talking about holiday marketing and decorating for the holidays and the first day of fall has long come and gone. Now, it’s just a mad rush to get through New Year’s Eve and on to the next year.

So, if you haven’t started decorating your online marketing for the holidays, it’s high time you did.

Why you should decorate your online holiday marketing

Decorations are a visual cue that it’s time to celebrate. 

Think about it… decorating is part of what makes the holiday season so great. Through decorations, we mark everything from the changing of the leaves to the dawning of a new year.

Decorating your online marketing helps to not only bring in the season and celebrate the changes with your customers, but it also serves as a reminder for your customers to get their own decorations up, solidify their holiday, make a list of what they need, check it twice, and shop early.

What decorating your online marketing really is

Simply put, decorating your online marketing is a process of sprucing up your online presence in a way that reflects the current, or upcoming, holiday.

This means you need to:

How to decorate your online marketing for the holidays

Decorating your online marketing for the holidays isn’t as difficult as it may seem. It’s a matter of:

  • Using holiday-inspired colors
  • Posting, sharing, and inserting holiday-themed imagery
  • Including holiday-related content

And don’t forget your tone. The key to decorating your online marketing well is to decorate in a manner that keeps your branding intact.

Let’s take a look at what I mean.


Let’s start by taking a look at this mock business, River’s Edge Bakery:

With brand colors that are deep blue and white and a typeface that is sharp, clean and easy to read, this business presents a clean, crisp brand. 

Now, let’s decorate by:

  • Using holiday-inspired colors
  • Posting, sharing, and inserting holiday-themed imagery
  • Including holiday-related content

All while keeping the brand intact:

In the fall, start decorating your online marketing for the holidays with your website by bringing in the season with autumnal colors and imagery.
Example of a decorated Facebook page
If you don’t want to replace your Facebook business page’s cover image, you can still spruce it up by using a festive holiday overlay.
River's Edge Bakery's whisk and spatula icon, decorated for the holidays.
While you’re decorating for the holidays, don’t leave your icon out in the cold. Find a way to decorate your social media icon in a way that still shines in Facebook’s circular frame, like these wreaths!

Beyond adding some holiday colors in tones that compliment the brand’s dark blue and adding and editing imagery to add holiday flair, it’s important to write content that is holiday-related as well.

Take a look at how our mock business has decorated its blog for the fall by adding fall colors, images, and fall-inspired content:

exanoke if a website blog page decorated with fall colors, images and content

It’s that easy

Decorating your online presence for the holidays really is that easy. Just remember, it’s all about:

  • Color
  • Imagery
  • Content

And don’t forget to have fun!

Great examples of online marketing decorations

Take a look at how some of our customers have decorated their online marketing in the past:

If you’re not sure about decorating your online marketing for the holidays or don’t have the time, reach out to Constant Contact’s Marketing Advisors to see what we can do to help.