Slogans are a powerful marketing tool because they help customers connect emotionally with a business. Like any other business, your lawn care or landscaping service needs a good slogan. 

Your slogan or tagline could either highlight your service’s benefits or simply make your brand more memorable. To come up with the perfect slogan, however, you’ll need to do a little brainstorming. 

Think about what your company does and what you would like to be known for, and that might give you your slogan. 

It’s not always easy to think of something off of the top of your head, though. This is why we’ve compiled this comprehensive list of lawn care and landscaping slogans. We want to help you market your landscaping business, so feel free to use one of our lawn care slogans or create one that is similar after getting inspired by ours.

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Lawn care slogans and taglines

  1. Our grass is always greener. Some of the best slogans incorporate familiar sayings.
  2. We mow down the competition. Slogans that include puns or plays on words are often the most memorable. 
  3. Cutting edge lawn care.
  4. You grow it, we mow it!
  5. The grass is always greener on our side.
  6. Lawn care you can trust. Even a simple tagline like this one will add flair to your company logo.
  7. We mow so you don’t have to.
  8. A beautiful yard doesn’t have to be hard. 
  9. Landscaping made easy.
  10. Lawn care made simple. We all long for a simpler life.
  11. Achieve greenness. 
  12. The big green watering machine. This one would be perfect if you showed up in a green truck.
  13. Big green weed-killing machine. Same as above.
  14. Quality, affordable lawn care. This type of slogan highlights the main benefits of your service.
  15. Green is the new black.
  16. Blades of glory. This one might be more of a business name idea than a slogan, but it was definitely worth including.
  17. Expert care for your lawn.
  18. Let us beautify your lawn.
  19. Your lawn care specialists.
  20. Our name says it all. This one would be perfect if your company name really does say it all.
  21. Leave the dirty work to us.
  22. No job too big or too small. 
  23. Your lawn’s beautician.
  24. Your choice for a beautiful lawn.
  25. Making beautifully manicured lawns a reality.
  26. Year-round care for your lawn. No one wants their lawn to die over the winter.
  27. Leaf it to us.
  28. Kiss my grass. We realize this one might be a little too edgy for some.
  29. Because a beautiful lawn doesn’t happen by accident.
  30. A beautiful lawn doesn’t happen by itself.
  31. Total care for your lawn.
  32. We treat your lawn like our own.
  33. Achieve the lawn of your dreams.
  34. Family-owned and operated. Most people like supporting small businesses.
  35. Expert care for your lawn.
  36. Your landscape specialist.
  37. Quality is job one. Notice not all of these are lawn care slogans? A general slogan is okay too.
  38. For a worry-free lawn.
  39. Leave the mowing to us.
  40. Always on the cutting edge.
  41. We’ll make your neighbors green.
  42. Let us be your lawn team!
  43. Where service is always in season.
  44. More green, fewer weeds.
  45. We take pride in your lawn.
  46. Transforming your outdoor space. Add this one to your list of possible slogans if you’re considering generic landscaping slogans that don’t specifically market lawn care. 
  47. We take lawns seriously.
  48. The easy way to a beautiful, green lawn. Straightforward!
  49. Your lawn’s favorite barber.
  50. Enjoy a home turf advantage.
  51. We provide cutting edge lawn care service.
  52. We cut your grass and save you cash.
  53. Been there, cut that.
  54. A cut above the rest. Competitive slogans are effective ones.
  55. Mow for your money.
  56. Lawn care for busy people. Homeowners and business owners are always looking to save either time or money, so slogans that mention one of these two benefits are effective marketing tools.
  57. We don’t beat around the bush.
  58. No lawnmower? No problem.
  59. Let us make gardening easy for you.
  60. Lawn care done right.
  61. Take back your weekends. Again, people want to save time.
  62. Your shortcut to a great-looking lawn.
  63. Service you can believe in.
  64. Messy lawns wanted. This one would be ideal in a neighborhood with a lot of leaves to be raked.
  65. Landscaping made affordable
  66. Making yards beautiful one lawn at a time.
  67. For the healthy lawn nature intended. Doing what nature intended always sounds positive.
  68. Creating unique outdoor environments.
  69. Landscapes for living.
  70. Full-service lawn management. You can never go wrong by simply focusing on the service your company offers.
  71. Enhancing commercial and residential landscapes.
  72. Beautiful lawns start here. Who doesn’t want a beautiful lawn?
  73. Beautiful landscapes start here.
  74. Leave the yard work to us.
  75. Bringing you the green, green grass of home. Some slogans like this one quote a song or make some other pop-culture reference. 
  76. Grass with class.
  77. Weeding out the competition. Slogans like this one imply that your service is better than the alternatives.
  78. For a weed-free lawn.
  79. Say goodbye to weeds and crabgrass.
  80. Rescue for your fescue. Lawn care slogans can be ultra-specific if you specialize in one type of grass.
  81. Kentucky bluegrass specialists.
  82. For a worry-free lawn. This slogan and others that use the term worry-free offer peace of mind.
  83. Landscaping with a smile.
  84. Love your lawn again.
  85. Real lawns for real people. 
  86. Lovely landscaping and lawns.
  87. Mow, mow, mow your lawn.
  88. We make your lawn look its best.
  89. Keep up with the Jones’s. Appeal to a potential customer’s competitive side.
  90. Come home to paradise.
  91. Come home to a beautiful oasis. This one evokes images of relaxing in a backyard getaway.
  92. Sowing and mowing luxurious lawns.
  93. Your best lawn now.
  94. Bring lawn order to your yard. That one’s really punny. 
  95. Don’t look like a clown with a yard that’s brown.
  96. Say goodbye to weeds for good. Weeds are the bane of a homeowner’s existence, which is why this might be a compelling slogan.
  97. For a greener yard.
  98. Take our card for a greener yard. The perfect slogan for a business card!
  99. We mow a straight row.
  100. Go green! You can’t go wrong with a popular buzz phrase like this one.
  101. No more weeds!
  102. Leave the mowing, weeding, and watering to us. This one spells out the elements of full-service lawn care.

Now that we’ve given you more than 100 landscaping and lawn care slogans, you’ve likely narrowed it down to a few favorites. 

Next, you’ll want to run them by your friends, employees, and clients to see which ones resonate more than others. Once you settle on the ideal slogan, you can use it on business cards, your vehicle wrap, and, of course, in your online marketing campaigns such as Facebook and Instagram ads

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