You work hard on your email marketing.

You put in the time to share something you think your audience will enjoy, and it’s frustrating when less than half of your subscribers are giving your emails a chance.

Should you resend to non-openers?

You shouldn’t expect everyone on your list — even your most engaged readers ­­— to read every message you send out.

Which brings up a big question: should you resend an email to subscribers who didn’t open your email the first time?

The answer is yes.

While historically you’d have to manually make sure you’re resending effectively to avoid bombarding people with the same message, there is now a way to automate this process. You can actually resend to nonopeners with a carefully designed campaign, taking advantage of your quality email list to boost your open rate in the second round.

How to resend to non-openers

Follow these tips on how to take advantage of resending to non-openers:

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1. Work smarter not harder

It may feel uncomfortable at first to send the same email twice, but remember, this group of contacts never opened or viewed the first one, so they will not know that it contains the same content.

You worked hard on creating that initial email. The quality of the content is still there. Your subscribers just need to be interested enough to open it!

2. Get your timing right

Although these contacts did not open your first email, they may still recognize you in their inbox from your “sender name”. Sending too quickly after the first send could result in being seen as spam and cause complaints or unsubscribes.

Play it safe by waiting for the fourth day to resend. This ensures you’re less likely to resend an email to someone that was already going to open.

3. Choose your campaign carefully

Resending to non-openers is a useful tool, but you don’t want to resend every campaign you send out. Be selective about which emails you resend. Think of a resend as a follow-up, often for time-sensitive messages.

A great example is if your store is holding a week-long sale. You can send an email out on the first day of the sale, and then send a slightly modified version of your email on the last day of the sale to those that might have missed it earlier in the week.

4. Switch your subject line

If your subject line didn’t attract their attention the first time, why use it again? With resend to non-openers, you have a second chance to think of a snappier subject line to stand out.

Take a look at some of your previous emails. Were there any subject lines that got a positive response from your readers? Try a similar subject line when resending your campaign.

Here are 12 subject line tweaks to help your email get noticed.

How resending to non-openers affects your business

Resending to non-openers means you get to drive home your most important messages without creating a campaign from scratch. If you receive a similar open rate to when you sent the first time, you’ve almost doubled your open rate with minimal effort, while your messaging reaches as many people as possible.

Take advantage of this second chance to boost your open-rates and sales.

Still not using email to market your business? Give Constant Contact a try for FREE!

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