Can you feel it? A slight change in the air. A crispness that you don’t remember being there a few days ago. Or maybe a shift in smells and sounds around you? 

It’s true. Autumn is coming. The first day of fall is September 22nd and it’s time to start talking about the holidays. Okay, maybe not all of the holidays — that’s for a different post. For now, let’s just talk about some September holidays and newsletter ideas, and subject lines to go with them.

This month is chock-full of both fun and sobering holidays. The most notable is Patriot Day (also known as 9/11 Remembrance Day). It’s hard to believe that it’s been 20 years since that fateful day. 

Now, the 11th of September is a federally recognized National Day of Service here in the U.S. Which makes it a great day to help others, in tribute to those who were injured or killed on 9/11/01. If you want to contribute to a 9/11 specific charity, I suggest you check out this list of highly-rated charities continuing to support those affected by 9/11 and their families. If you’d like to keep things closer to home, contact your local first-responders. You’ll likely find that they have some specific COVID-related needs that you and your customers could help with.

There are also some really fun holidays to look forward to in September and to share with your customers, readers, and followers! Days like National Be Late for Something Day (September 5th) and Fight Procrastination Day (September 6th) — I know there’s a joke in there somewhere. Of course, there are some faith-based holidays as well, such as Rosh Hashanah (Sept. 6th) and Ganesh Chaturthi (Sept. 10th).

There are lots of other great days, as well. Just take a look!

September holidays — 2021

  • September 1stNational No Rhyme Nor Reason Day -This day aims to recognize words in the English language that have no rhyme, such as “orange” and “wolf.”
  • September 4thNational Wildlife day – This is one of two National Wildlife Days per year (the other is in February) founded to bring national and global awareness to endangered animals.
  • September 12thNational Chocolate Milkshake Day – Likely my favorite day of the month. I take mine malted.
  • September 19thInternational Talk Like a Pirate Day – This holiday came from a couple of guys playing racketball. Harebrained and dingy as it may be, I’m pretty sure there are lots of guys, and gals, out there that can have some fun with this one!
  • September 30thNational Love People Day – Because we could all use a little more love — #NationalLOVEPeopleDay — share the challenge to share the love.

And while I’d LOVE to end this article on that LOVEly note, I can’t. I have so much more to share. After all, I did promise you some newsletter ideas.

September newsletter ideas

With so many great holidays this month, think about adding a section to your newsletter highlighting a September holiday or occasion that fits with your brand, culture, or community.

Thoughtful September newsletter ideas

If you prefer your newsletters to be on the more serious, straightforward, and business-oriented, here are few September newsletter ideas for you:

National Preparedness Month

Encourage your readers to “be prepared” by sharing information from credible sources like:

National Courtesy Month

This is a great month to:

  • Spotlight an employee who is known to be incredibly courteous to both customers and fellow employees.
  • Encourage your readers to extend a little bit of extra courtesy to everyone they interact with on any given day.
  • Extend some courtesy to your readers by asking them their opinions via a survey on; your customer service, what they’d like to see in your newsletters, what they’d like to see from your company, or if they have a favorite employee or product.

Working Parents Day (Sept. 16th)

Chances are, many of your readers are working parents. So, use a section of your newsletter to:

  • Give kudos (and maybe a discount) to all the working parents out who strive to keep balance in their lives.
  • If you’re a working parent, share a funny anecdote about raising kids while running a small business.
  • Offer some suggestions for being more productive at work — or home, taking care of oneself with limited time and resources, or afterschool programs in your area.

September newsletter ideas that are just for fun

If you want to have some fun with your newsletter, and it falls within your brand guidelines, here are some newsletter ideas for you:

National No Rhyme Nor Reason Day (Sept. 1st)

Whether you’re a rhyming wiz or no-rhyme biz, this is an opportunity to have some fun with your newsletter by:

  • Finding ways to insert as many rhyme-adverse words as possible into your newsletter, letting your readers know how many you have “hidden,” and asking your readers if they can find them all.
  • Share some popular idioms like “no rhyme nor reason,” or “fit as a fiddle” and survey your readers on whether or not they use idioms and how often.
  • Take it to the next level by linking your newsletter to your social media page(s) and posting a shortlist of non-rhyme words to your social media and challenging followers to add any non-rhyming words that they can think of.

Fall Hat Month

Fall isn’t just a precursor to winter. It’s also time to bring out the great hats that everyone has had stashed in their closets all summer long. Celebrate hats this month by:

  • Sharing a picture of you and your employees wearing your favorite hats.
  • Providing directions on how to craft a fun hat — tie this into “Working Parents Day” with creative kids’ paper hats!
  • Start a “hat” challenge with your newsletter and take it to social media with categories like “most outrageous,” “biggest,” and “most colorful,” with winners getting bragging rights and a mention in your next newsletter, winning a fall hat of their own (think branded), or a discount of some sort.

TIP: Whatever holiday you highlight in your newsletter this month, whether you issue a challenge, offer advice, or ask your readers to share, include a branded hashtag and a custom hashtag — along with a corresponding post on social media — so you can easily find and like what they post!

September newsletter subject lines

Of course, subject lines depend upon what’s actually in your newsletter. But since I know how difficult it can be to come up with a good subject line, here are some September newsletter subject lines to get your creative juices flowing:

  • “Hey, popsicle!” or “It’s okay to be blue… berry”  — National Blueberry Popsicle Day (Sept. 2nd)
  • “Are we an endangered species?” Two for one — raise awareness for endangered species on National Wildlife Day (Sept. 4th) and find out if you’re close to losing subscribers by surveying your readers to find out if you’re sending them the type of information they want to see. 
  • “This might be a little cheesy” – National Cheese Pizza Day (Sept. 5th)
  • “Be late. Don’t procrastinate.” – Great for a midnight-madness type of sale by tying together National Be Late for Something Day (Sept. 5th) and Fight Procrastination Day (Sept. 6th).
  • “Just breathe…” – International Day of Clean Air (Sept. 7th)
  • “Did you make your bed today?” – National Make Your Bed Day (Sept. 11th)
  • “It’s not hard to connect the dots” – International Dot Day (Sept. 15th)
  • “We’re not putting around” – Miniature Golf Day (Sept 21st)
  • “I dare you not to fall for these deals” – First Day of Fall (Sept. 22nd)
  • “Bet you’ll fall in love with…” – Great for everything from cozy hats and sweaters to shelter animals and good ideas.
  • “Don’t fall for it” – When sharing lists of things to look out for, warnings, etc.

The trick to finding the right subject lines, for me, is to create the newsletter first. Then, I take some time to throw out a ton of silly, funny, goofy, and serious potential subject lines that 1st: give a hint as to what’s in my newsletter, and 2nd: will hopefully make my reader curious as to what exactly I’m talking about. 

I hope this got your creative juices flowing. 

For more holidays and ideas on what you can do to share them with your customers, download the graphic below. Or, get to work planning out the rest of your holiday marketing with our full Online Marketing Calendar, complete with a free template and a full list of holidays you can use to plan a successful year.

September 2021 holiday and marketing planning infographic

September 2021 Marketing and Holiday Planning infographic by Constant Contact