When it comes to marketing your business or organization online, planning ahead can often make the difference between a good year and a tough one. And while we all know how important it is to plan ahead, sometimes it can be a struggle to plan for tomorrow when you’re in the thick of today.

We want to help.

That’s why we’ve created this 2024 online marketing calendar. We’ve even compiled a quick list of 2024 marketing holidays by month, included some helpful links to articles and helpful tips for marketing on those holidays and provided some additional information on how to use the 2024 online marketing calendar template itself.

How to use the marketing calendar

One of the hardest parts about keeping your marketing drumbeat going throughout the year is coming up with the content: what do you talk about, when do you talk about it, and where do you talk about it? In times when you may not have a particular promotion or seasonality, it can be challenging to keep the conversation flowing with your customers. Our 2024 Marketing Calendar helps to provide inspiration by way of monthly themes, national secular and religious holidays, and blank dates and notes sections to help you plan out exactly where and how you reach out to your customers.

For instance, not sure what you’ve got planned for June? The calendar shows you what awareness themes run through the month of June, as well as showing you the daily holidays that could be fun to plan a promotion, social post, or newsletter around. (Did you know Best Friends Day is in June? What better way to celebrate a best friend than by sharing a coupon from your favorite small business!)

Click the image below to download our printable marketing calendar template, which includes all the major holidays you can peruse for inspiration while planning your marketing campaigns. You’ll find the big ones in there for sure, but you’ll also see some days you might not have thought about, like Book Lovers Day, National Hot Dog Day, and National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day.

Download our free calendar for inspiration and planning help for your 2024 online marketing.

2024 marketing holidays by month

January 2024

January 1 — New Year’s Day

January 10 — National Houseplant Appreciation Day

January 14 — National Dress Up Your Pet Day

January 15 — Martin Luther King Jr Day

January 24 — National Compliment Day

January 29 — National Puzzle Day

Monthly themes

  • Building healthy habits
  • National Mentoring Month
  • New year, a fresh start

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February 2024

February 2 — Groundhog Day

February 6 — Pay a Compliment Day

February 10 — Lunar New Year

February 13 — Mardi Gras

February 14 — Valentine’s Day

February 14 — Ash Wednesday

February 19 — Presidents’ Day

Monthly themes

  • Black History Month
  • Bike to Work Month
  • International Friendship Month

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March 2024

March 8 — International Women’s Day

March 10 — Daylight Savings Begins at 2:00 a.m.

March 14 — National Pi Day

March 17 — St. Patrick’s Day

March 19 — National Let’s Laugh Day

March 23 — Purim begins at sundown

March 29 — National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

March 31 — Easter

Monthly themes

  • American Red Cross Month
  • Employee Spirit Month
  • Women’s History Month

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April 2024

April 1 — April Fool’s Day

April 2 — World Autism Awareness Day

April 10 — National Siblings Day

April 15 — Tax Day (USA)

April 20 — “420”, A day celebrating cannabis businesses and culture

April 21 — World Creativity and Innovation Day

April 22 — Earth Day

Monthly themes

  • Autism Awareness Month
  • Celebrate Diversity Month
  • Move More Month

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May 2024

May 4 — Star Wars Day — May the 4th be with you!

May 5 — Cinco de Mayo

May 7 — Teachers’ Day

May 12 — Mother’s Day

May 19 — Plant Something Day

May 22 — Harvey Milk Day

May 27 — Memorial Day

Monthly themes

  • Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
  • Jewish American Heritage Month
  • Mental Health Awareness Month

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June 2024

June 6 — Drive-In Movie Day

June 8 — Best Friends Day

June 14 — Flag Day

June 16 — Father’s Day

June 19 — Juneteenth Independence Day

June 20 — June Solstice / First Day of Summer

Monthly themes

  • Caribbean-American Heritage Month
  • LGBTQ+ Pride Month
  • National Safety Month

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July 2024

July 1 — International Joke Day

July 4 — 4th of July / US Independence Day

July 12 — National Simplicity Day

July 17 — World Emoji Day

July 17 — National Hot Dog Day

July 21 — National Ice Cream Day

July 30 — Paperback Book Day

Monthly themes

  • French-American Heritage Month
  • National Ice Cream Month
  • Independent Retailer Month

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August 2024

August 2 — International Beer Day

August 5 — Blogger Day

August 9 — Book Lovers Day

August 13 — Left-Handers Day

August 16 — National Tell a Joke Day

August 21 — Senior Citizen’s Day

August 30 — National Marshmallow Toasting Day

Monthly themes

  • American Artists Appreciation Month
  • National Black Business Month
  • Summer Sun Saftey Month

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September 2024

September 2 — Labor Day

September 6 — National Food Bank Day

September 8 — Grandparents Day

September 14 — National Coloring Day

September 21 — International Day of Peace

September 22 — September Equinox / First Day of Autumn

September 30 — International Podcast Day

Monthly themes

  • Baby Safety Month
  • Healthy Aging Month
  • National Latine/Hispanic Heritage Month (runs from September 15 to October 15)

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October 2024

October 1 — International Cofee Day

October 2 — Rosh Hashanah begins

October 7 — National Inner Beauty Day

October 12 — Yom Kippur begins

October 13 — National Train Your Brain Day

October 14 — Indigenous Peoples Day

October 29 — National Cat Day

October 31 — Diwali begins

October 31 — Halloween

Monthly themes

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Filipino American History Month
  • Italian-American Heritage Month

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November 2024

November 3 — Daylight Savings Time ends at 2:00 am

November 6 — Marooned Without a Compass Day

November 11 — Veterans Day

November 18 — Occult Day

November 28 — Thanksgiving

November 29 — Black Friday

November 30 — Small Business Saturday

Monthly themes

  • Height of holiday preparations and shopping
  • National Native American Heritage Month
  • “Movember” — Raising awareness for men’s health issues

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December 2024

December 1 — Artists Sunday

December 2 — Cyber Monday

December 3 — Giving Tuesday

December 15 — Bill of Rights Day (US)

December 21 — Winter Solstice (shortest day of the year)

December 24 — Christmas Eve

December 25 — Christmas Day

December 26 — Boxing Day

December 26 — Kwanzaa begins

December 26 — Hanukkah begins

December 31 — New Year’s Eve

Monthly themes

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How to use our marketing calendar template

Each page of our calendar features important online marketing holidays for a particular month, along with a notes section for your personal planning.

There are a lot of ways to utilize this free online marketing calendar template, whether you decide to print it off and hang it near your work area or save it to your desktop for quick reference on your computer. We hope it can be a useful reference for you to use in orchestrating your emails, social media posts, website content, and more.

Plan your known marketing campaigns

The first thing I recommend doing is printing the calendar and going through each month and adding in any dates that might be important to your organization specifically. Maybe you want to make note of your organization’s annual gala, or your business’s annual community event.

Write these dates into the marketing calendar and use the note section on each page to highlight additional information you want to keep in mind for that month. Having all of your important dates in one place allows you to plan your email, social media, and event marketing strategies more effectively.

It’s important to be aware of everything happening in a given month so that you can optimize the timing of your campaigns. Be sure to be mindful of days that might compete with your message. For example, you probably don’t want to send your first end-of-year fundraising email on Cyber Monday, when inboxes will be flooded with deals and promotions from businesses.

Find inspiration for new campaigns

Once you have all of your known marketing campaigns laid out in the holiday marketing calendar, see if any of the other holidays can inspire new campaigns.

Maybe your nonprofit can raise funds on International Women’s Day, or your business can structure a sale around National Cat Day. See what inspires you, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

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Get to planning!

Now that you know how to use the 2024 holiday marketing calendar, it’s time to start mapping out a successful year. Whether you’re trying to solicit donations, increase revenue, or grow your customer base, planning ahead will allow you to be strategic with your time and resources.

And after your campaigns, you’ll have a better idea of what strategies are working for you (and what aren’t). Use that information to inform your next set of campaigns and make online marketing work harder for you!

Need a little help getting started? We’ve got you! Constant Contact’s Marketing Advisors can help you take the first step.