Welcome Email

Engage new subscribers from the start.

Send a welcome email to greet them right after they sign up—without lifting a finger.

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The average open rate for a welcome email is 50%*—that’s 86% more effective.

Connect your account

Easy to set up

Choose a template and create a welcome email pre-populated with your business information.

List Segmentation

An email for each list

Create an individual email for each list so your messages are targeted and relevant.


Immediate delivery

Your welcome email is delivered immediately after a subscriber signs up.

Tracking reporting

Reporting details

See the impact of all your welcome email campaigns.

Increased Engagement

Get more engagement with an automated welcome email.

Subscribers who receive a welcome email show 33% more engagement with a brand.*

Send a welcome email when new contacts join your mailing list through a web sign-up form or any of the other sign-up methods.

If you have multiple contact lists, you have the choice to send a single welcome email to all of them, or send targeted welcome emails to each list.

Think of your welcome email as an “elevator pitch” to introduce who you are, what you do, and what subscribers can expect from you.

After you create a welcome email, it’s time to activate it and start sending it to contacts who join your mailing list.

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Lasting Impressions

Make a lasting impression with an engaging welcome email.

First impressions count—design a welcome email with tailored content to engage your contacts and cement your relationship with them from the very start.

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Welcome Series

Create a welcome series.

When you want to give your new subscribers a little extra love, add more emails to your email automation to make it a welcome series.

If your new contacts have to wait for your regularly scheduled email, you may lose the momentum started when someone makes the decision to join your email contact list. Create an automated welcome series that goes out whenever a new contact joins your list.

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Automation Series

Ecommerce Pro Plan

Maximize engagement and sales right from the start.

For every new subscriber, our A.I. engine automatically sends a welcome email with recommended products. Products are based on browsing behaviors, popularity of items, or influenced by similar new-user data, so you’re sending the best incentives to buy. Once users receive their welcome email, you can send targeted follow-up emails based on those most or less likely to purchase.

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Resource Center

Resources to help you do more business.

Customize your welcome email.

It’s easy and fast to get your welcome email set up—customize it to match your brand.

5 tips for crafting welcome emails

Building a strong welcome email is the first step in creating your relationship and standing out in the inbox.

Birthday and anniversary emails

Acknowledging birthdays and anniversaries or sending special birthday coupons is a great way to stay engaged.

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