Getting your hair styled by a professional is a uniquely personal experience. Customers may choose a hair stylist based on a variety of factors: style, experience, and even personality. 

As a stylist, you want to connect with prospective clients, and one of the most effective ways is with your hair stylist bio. Your biography should tell potential customers:

  • Who you are
  • Your style
  • What makes you unique

Crafting your bio is an important part of building your salon website or building your brand. You can include it on your About page and even in your next email campaign and beyond. An effective bio will help you land more clients — and keep them. 

In this article, I’ll cover the qualities of an effective hair stylist bio and review some stellar hair stylist bio examples. 

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What makes a great bio?

Crafting your stylist bio is all about connecting, so the final product should be authentic and compelling. Strong hair stylist biographies feature:

A friendly tone

Great hair stylists know how to use their personality to create a friendly rapport with their clients. An outstanding bio conveys your unique personality through a warm and personable tone. 

The perfect length 

Effective bios get right to the point. Aim for between 100 and 500 words to keep potential customers engaged. 

The right information

When crafting your bio, it’s important to include the right information. Tell customers about:

  • Who you are
  • Your experience
  • Your style or aesthetic
  • Your location

The X factor 

The best way to connect with people is to be your genuine self. As you write your bio, consider:

  • Any signature styles you may have
  • Any defining qualities that set you apart 
  • How you can show off your personality 

Hair stylist bio examples 

Los Angeles is home to the stars — but it’s also home to a vibrant salon scene. This diverse community of stylists provides an abundance of great examples of what to do when crafting your bio. 

Highlighting your style

‘Couture’ bridal

If you bring a unique style to the table, your bio is the place to highlight it. Trace from Ramirez Tran excels at this as she talks up her experience in the bridal styling world. 

hair stylist bio examples
This bio stands out because it highlights the stylist’s niche services in a professional tone.

Consider using keywords and buzzwords to further describe your niche to prospective clients. Here, “natural beauty” and “couture bride” work wonders for describing this stylist’s specific style and expertise to curious brides. 

From N.Y. chic to L.A. hip

Focusing on what makes your style unique can make you more appealing to your salon website visitors. Highlighting mentors or regional influences helps you connect with customers who align with your style. 

hair stylist bio examples
This is a great example of a style-forward bio that highlights the stylist’s personality.

Melissa from Benjamin salon prides herself on being a “bi-coastal hair stylist.” She highlights the way “LA’s hip vibe” and “New York’s effortlessly chic style” inspire her daily work with her clients. 

Showing off your specialty

Queen of curls

If you specialize in a particular hair type or style, your bio is the place to show it off. It pays to be an expert in specific textures, techniques, and beyond. 

Aurora from The Hive includes a very effective technique in her bio: the personal quote. She uses the text space of her quote to highlight her love of working with natural textures and curly hair. 

hair stylist bio examples
This fun and friendly bio does great work focusing on the stylist’s specialty.

Using a quote is effective because it adds a personalized touch to bios — which can feel distant when written in the third person. Include a personal quote if you want to add a friendly touch while keeping things professional.  

‘The Perfect Blonde’

Another excellent way to emphasize your specialty is to include any signature styles you love to create for your clients. Having a named signature style shows off your personality and gives potential customers a great idea of what to expect. 

hair stylist bio examples
This hair stylist includes a creative signature style in her bio.

The Hive’s Katie specializes in concocting “The Perfect Blonde” for her clients — certainly a popular commodity in sunny California. 

Both Katie and Aurora round out their bios with relatable personal anecdotes. Don’t be afraid to include tidbits about your hobbies outside of styling to connect with your clients. 

Letting your personality shine

‘Beau-dry prince’

At upscale MèCHE, stylist Beau appeals to his customers using his unique salon nickname “Beau-dry prince.” Beyond this, Beau highlights his enduring “small-town charm” as well as the inspiration he finds in the “bombshell looks of southern California.”

hair stylist bio examples
Using a sweet nickname in your bio can help you connect with potential clients.

A nickname is a great way to immediately endear yourself to potential customers. It shows them you are a part of the community, you have a unique personality, and you’re not afraid to have a little fun. You can amp up the fun side of your personality by directly describing your unique charm — like Beau does in his well-crafted bio.   


Stylist to the stars

If you have had special career experiences — such as styling celebrities or working on high-profile photo shoots — flaunt it. Potential clients will love a star-studded clientele list, which speaks to your skills and clout as a stylist.

hair stylist bio examples
This bio is a great example of celebrating your accomplishments and client lists to attract new customers.

Guy Riggio shows off a distinctive client list in his bio — name-dropping big-name stars like Meg Ryan, Mandy Moore, Ryan Reynolds, and Ewan McGregor. He also mentions working on editorial shoots for Vanity Fair and Allure, among other publications. While you may or may not have worked with Hollywood stars, don’t be afraid to mention any well-known names or interesting clients you may have styled.

Another way to name-drop is by mentioning your mentors. Savvy customers will appreciate knowing your pedigree.

Celebrating your roots


Your bio is a great place to underscore your unique background or career path. Have you traveled extensively? Do you have any unique skills or qualities?

hair stylist bio examples
This well-crafted bio emphasizes the stylist’s range of qualities and experiences.

Austin highlights the importance of his culture in his styling career. He touches on a diversity of experiences, from his origins in Korea, to his experience with the “majesty of nature” during his time in Alaska, to his time in a city symphony. Each shows Austin’s unique qualities — like his attention to detail. 

Austin cleverly plays on his symphony experience by relating it to his hairstyling skills — he stays “in tune” with his client’s visions and “orchestrates” a look that’s best for them. Using words and details that speak to your qualities and background is another effective way to relate to prospective customers. 

Keeping it casual

‘Effortlessly cool’

One way to relate to potential clients is to take a less formal approach. Writing your bio in the first person and using casual language creates a relaxed vibe that really resonates with some customers. 

hair stylist bio examples
This bio captures the stylist’s friendly personality and breezy style.

Feverfew is a unique, clean-air salon that focuses on using natural products. Owner and stylist Lauren writes a bio that matches her salon’s bohemian vibe. She loves “effortlessly cool” styles and strongly believes in bangs for all. She tells customers about her passion for low-toxic salon environments and closes by including her love for visiting Palm Springs.

This bio is effective because it is open and conversational. It is informative while maintaining an extremely personable tone. 

Spotlighting your experience

You’ve put countless hours — even years — into your career as a stylist. Your bio is the place to brag about your experience. You’ve earned it. Clients will appreciate knowing your background and any accolades you’ve accumulated along the way.

hair stylist bio examples
Clients love to hear about your career accomplishments when searching for a new stylist. Flaunt them!

At Benjamin, Senior Stylist Amanda has plenty of experience to share with prospective clients. She emphasizes that her career began at age 13, that she has held long tenure with multiple salons, and that her work has taken her around the world. Amanda rounds out her high-profile bio by affirming that she “truly embraces every encounter” and “can always be found putting a smile on someone’s face.”

This bio is particularly effective because it celebrates Amanda’s accomplishments and true expertise as a hair stylist — while also highlighting her approachability and kindness. A well-rounded bio like this one is sure to attract the clients you want.


Now that you’ve learned what elements make a great bio and have seen some unforgettable examples, are you ready to craft your own? 

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