We’ve gotten some whispers of it already— spring is on the way.

Though you’ll find the First Day of Spring can be listed as either March 19 or March 20, it marks the start of a fresh new season and a period of growth… and hopefully that means growth for your business, too!

Take a look through these March holidays and newsletter ideas and see if you spot any great opportunities to reach out and share with your audience to grow your relationships and your business. 

March holidays for great newsletter topics — 2024

  • March 1stNational Dadgum That’s Good Day. A great day for restaurants, bakeries, and other food folk to share something delicious with subscribers.
  • March 3rdNational Anthem Day. Share some of America’s history. Have some fun and get patriotic by offering a discount code to everyone who can correctly answer a trivia question about our National Anthem.
  • March 12thNational Plant a Flower Day. It’s not just a good day for garden centers! Have a beautification day for your nonprofit, or educate real estate clients about the curb appeal of flowers.
  • March 12thNational Organize Your Home Office Day. Who wants to come help us with this one?!
  • March 13thNational Good Samaritan Day. Let your readers know what you’re doing to be a good Samaritan and how they can be a force for good in their community.
  • March 16thNational Corn Dog Day. Bet you didn’t know this holiday had something to do with basketball, did you? It falls on the first Saturday of the NCAA Men’s Division I Championship each year.
  • March 17thSt. Patrick’s Day. There’s more to it than corned beef and cabbage.
  • March 20thMarch Equinox. Also called the spring equinox and vernal equinox, no matter what you call it, for the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the First Day of Spring.
  • March 21stNational Flower Day. Celebrate spring with floral decor for your business, or even with a floral email motif.
  • March 25thHoli. The Hindu festival of colors is not only celebrated in India. Celebrate the closing of winter with your subscribers with a colorful template or by letting them know where they can participate.
  • March 25thEarth Hour. The hour is just the beginning.
  • March 28thNational Weed Appreciation Day. Talk to your subscribers about the beauty and benefits of misfits and mistakes (like dandelions, clover, and other so-called “weeds”.)
  • March 29thVietnam Veterans Day. It’s been 50 years since we left Vietnam. Let’s thank those who made it home and remember those who didn’t.
  • March 30thNational Farm Worker’s Day. If you’re not hungry, thank a farmer.

March newsletter ideas

With the first whispers of sunshine and spring flowers, March is full of colors, vibrancy, reasons to celebrate, and occasions to educate.

Find what fits with your brand and leverage it to build relationships with your readers and your community.

March newsletter ideas for bringing awareness and educating your audience

With March being awareness month for numerous diseases and causes, from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to vascular anomalies, it might be a good idea to use a bit of space in your newsletter to bring awareness to a cause that’s important to you, your business, or one of your employees.

  • Be a reliable resource. Share some statistics and educate your readers. You don’t have to be an expert in the subject you want to bring awareness to. Instead, get with a local expert who is willing to answer some questions, then write a blog article or do create a video to share the expert’s information. Or, find an online article on a reputable website (like I did with the CDC and John Hopkins Medical Center above) and share the links with your readers. Include a small paragraph or two explaining why you’ve chosen to share it with them and why they should read it.
  • Be involved in your community. Partner with a nonprofit organization to help bring awareness to your community. You can take a poll to see what people already know about the cause and then share the correct answers in a future newsletter or on social media. Or better yet, host a fundraiser and raise awareness and funds at the same time.
  • Be relatable. If there’s a cause or occasion this month that’s particularly important to you, create a blog post about it and share an intro and link to it in your newsletter. Get personal and let your readers in. The more open and honest you are, the more they’ll be able to relate to you — which often translates to loyalty.

March newsletter ideas for having fun

Spring is coming. Go ahead, celebrate! Have some fun with your newsletter while driving traffic to your website and social media pages.

  • Share stories. Write a blog article telling a funny background story about your business, or a family adventure that relates to one of this month’s ‘holidays’. Then, share the link to it in your newsletter, along with a line or two from the article that will tease and entice your recipients to go to your blog to read more.
  • Create downloadables. With this month celebrating both flowers and crayons, this is the perfect month to use tools like Canva to customize some floral coloring pages and share them with your readers. HOT TIP: Incorporate your logo into the design and then use these same pages to entice new website visitors and Facebook followers to join your mailing list.
  • Create an online challenge or contest. Challenge your readers to complete a scavenger hunt based on one of the many March holidays. You can start with a trivia question whose answer provides the next clue. With tools like puzzle.org or quickhunts.com, this can be something you host locally or online for more participants. You can even hide extra hints on your website and give your newsletter readers a leg-up on the competition by telling them where to look for the hints.

Whatever holiday you highlight in your newsletter this month, whether you issue a challenge, offer advice, or ask your readers to share, include your social media links and any branded hashtags or custom hashtags you’ve created so readers can easily find your social pages and relevant content.

March newsletter subject line ideas

When it comes to creating the best subject lines, it takes a balance between conciseness, clarity and wit.

Use these March newsletter subject line ideas to inspire your own great subject line ideas.

  • “This is a great idea!” — International Ideas Month. Perfect for sharing information on a new product or fundraiser.
  • “This will make you smile” – Share a Smile Day (Mar. 1st). Great for sharing a sale, a coupon or discount code, or a compliment for World Compliment Day (Mar. 1st).
  • “New news on old stuff” – National Old Stuff Day (Mar. 2nd). Great for updates whether you own a resale shop or antique store, or are part of a senior’s group with a sense of humor.
  • “We hear you” – World Hearing Day (Mar. 3rd). Let your readers know you hear them by announcing a new product or service or information that they’ve been asking for.
  • “Dream a little dream…” — National Dream Day (Mar. 11th). Great if you have a business that has any relation to sleep, like mattresses, sleepwear, sheets and pillows, or anything that could make a person comfortable enough to sleep.
  • “It doesn’t take a genius” — Preheader: “or does it?” — Genius Day (Mar. 14th). Great for sharing a new idea or creating FOMO for a sale.
  • “Shhhh…..” — World Sleep Day (Mar. 17th)
  • “This is so corny” — National Corn Dog Day (Mar. 18th). For those brands that don’t take themselves too seriously.
  • “Won’t you be my neighbor?” — Won’t You Be My Neighbor Day (Mar. 20th). Great for inviting readers to join you for a community-wide event.
  • “This is ribbiting” — World Frog Day (Mar. 20th)
  • “Have we got a story to tell you” — World Storytelling Day (Mar. 20th)
  • “Do you remember when…” — Memory Day (Mar. 21st). Good for announcing roll-back prices, flashing back to last year’s event, or reminding readers of something that’s coming up.
  • “What are you doing tonight?” — Earth Hour (Mar. 25th). Perfect for encouraging people to take part.
  • “This is the hour”— Earth Hour (Mar. 25th)
  • “Time is running out”— Earth Hour (Mar. 25th)
  • “Live long and prosper” — Live Long and Prosper Day (Mar. 26th)
  • “Peace and long life” — Live Long and Prosper Day (Mar. 26th)
  • “Hats on to you” — Wear a Hat Day (Mar. 26th). While this is perfect for a hat store, it also works for social media fun.
  • “Put this on a stick!” — National Something on a Stick Day (Mar. 28th)
  • “Tickle these…” — World Piano Day (Mar. 29th)
  • “Color us happy” — National Crayon Day (Mar. 31st). Whether you just hit a milestone in your business, raised funds for a new endeavor, or hit a long-time goal, use this to celebrate wins with your readers.
  • “Go ahead, color outside the lines” — National Crayon Day (Mar. 31st). This is good for asking for honest feedback and reviews from your customers.

Pan out the rest of your year with our Online Marketing Calendar, complete with a free template and a list of holidays you can use to plan a successful year.