Send anxiety–it’s a real thing.

I have been sending emails my entire career, and to this day I still hear a little voice saying, “Read it one more time. There must be a typo somewhere…”

It’s good to carefully check your email, but at some point your confidence needs to take over and say, “Just hit send, already!” Otherwise each send will take all day.

When you have confidence in your email marketing, it’s easier to sidestep that annoying voice of doubt. Learn to keep your send anxiety in check with these tricks:

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Always proofread every send

It may seem a little obvious, but many of us have had to learn this the hard way. Maybe you’re writing a quick reminder email for an upcoming event. Easy, right? It’s easy to get too comfortable here!

No email is too small or quick to pass on a good proofread. When it comes to connecting with your customers or supporters, your communications should be held to the highest standard. All it takes is a simple their/they’re mixup to change someone’s opinion on your brand. Give your email a quick proofread – you will never regret it.

Give your email the dedicated time it deserves

With the chaos of the daily tasks it takes to run a small business or nonprofit taking up most of your time, reading and rereading through email content can seem like a waste of time. Don’t fall for that mentality!

Before each email send, invest at least 15 minutes to really look over your email. Send yourself a test version, click on all the links, and read it as if you were a customer. Make yourself a checklist to double check your email, which could include: sender email, subject line, preheader, links, images, text, and the list to which you’re sending. A system will cut down on errors when it comes time to hit send.

Get another set of eyes on your email

No, I don’t mean buy glasses. Send a test version of your email to a colleague for review. Sometimes, when you’re writing and building an email, it’s easy to get lost in it.

By getting it in front of a fresh pair of eyes, they’re able to catch things you may have glanced over. Plus, there’s something about another voice saying your work looks great. When you add this step into your email review process it builds a case for a more confident send!

You don’t have to do it all yourself

Adding automated error hunting tools to your process can save you time, but also help you in other areas you may have missed. Not everyone is a grammar guru and that’s OK! Your internet browser has a built-in spell checker to automatically look for typos while you’re editing your email.

For other types of errors, Constant Contact’s Check for Errors feature is built right into your account and can catch many common mistakes including missing links, placeholder text and images, and past event dates. Have these tools do the checking for you so you aren’t left wondering, “What did I miss?”

Send emails like a boss

I know, easier said than done. But when you implement a series of fail-safes into your email review process, it’s easy to believe in each send. Not only will your organization be presented in a professional manner, but you’ll be able to hit send like the confident email marketing master you are. Now show that send button who’s boss!

Still not using email marketing? Give Constant Contact a try for FREE!