Yoga continues to increase in popularity as people reap its benefits. Yoga can reduce stress and improve flexibility. It’s also easily modified for people with limited mobility and other issues that keep them from participating in high-impact workouts. You may be considering starting a studio to tap into the industry, which is projected to reach $66 billion in the next five years, with yoga classes worth $9 billion in 2021.

If you’re ready to start a new yoga studio, your business name can help you stand out among your competitors. Use these tips for choosing yoga business names to build a foundation for your brand. In this article, you will learn: 

  • Why it’s important to pick a good name
  • How to think of a business name
  • 40 great yoga business names
  • How to build name recognition
  • How to get started now

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Why it’s important to choose a good name

Your business name is a lot like a tattoo — you’re pretty much stuck with it, especially if you’ve built a strong brand. So make sure you pick a name that resonates with you and fits your personality. Your business name introduces people to your yoga studio and helps attract students

When potential customers see your studio on the street or online, a strong name will help them remember to look you up. It may also compel them to click on your Google listing. You don’t have to start from scratch, though. There are many ways to create yoga business names that stick out. 

How to think of a yoga business name

You might be tempted to go with a traditional name that plays on poses. Or you might want to use some version of your name. Whichever direction you take, pick a name that aligns with your brand. Consider the following questions first. 

What types of classes will you offer? 

Deciding what types of classes you’ll provide can help you determine a name. Here are some common types of yoga classes to build your schedule around:

  • Vinyasa yoga
  • Power yoga
  • Restorative and yin yoga
  • Fusion yoga (like yogalates)
  • Aerial yoga
  • Meditation

Who is your ideal customer? 

Customers might not drive your name, but your name could impact the types of customers interested in your classes. 

For example, people not interested in the meditative aspects of yoga may not be drawn to a yoga studio with “healing arts” in the name. Conversely, those more interested in yoga for relaxation may be turned off by a “power yoga” studio, which would imply more high-intensity classes.

How is your studio unique? 

Highlighting your particular strengths and values will leave a lasting impression on potential customers. Are you a naturally optimistic person who likes motivating your clients? Go with an inspiring name. Are you more interested in helping clients relax and slow down? Aim for a name that conveys calmness and serenity.

Do you want to be the face of your brand?

Yoga business names don’t have to be complicated. You can simply name the studio after your first or last name. If you’ve already started branding yourself as a well-known yoga instructor, capitalizing on your name, or putting a spin on your name, may be a good idea. 

40 great yoga business names

Use these tips to start brainstorming your name: 

  • Keep it simple
  • Short and sweet is the easiest to remember
  • Make sure there’s an available website domain name

Names based on poses

Consider incorporating either Sanskrit or English poses into your name to attract advanced students and beginners. Here are some suggestions:

  • Virasana Yoga
  • Tadasana Today
  • Savasana and Serenity
  • Downward Dog Yoga
  • Goddess Yoga Studio
  • Inner Warrior Yoga
  • Soar Like an Eagle Yoga
  • Bodhi Tree Benders
  • Asana for Everyone
  • Lotus and Light

Calming names

If you intend to convey a sense of calm and relaxation, here are some potential names to inspire you: 

  • Zen Flow Yoga
  • Creatively Calm Yoga Studio
  • Settled Serenity
  • Moving Meditation Yoga Studio
  • Tranquility and Flow
  • Breathe Deep Studio
  • Calm and Centered
  • Om
  • Be Still 
  • Peace and Posing

Fusion names

Maybe you’re more interested in yoga’s health and fitness benefits and want to integrate it with other forms of exercise. Let people know you’re practicing fusion in your name. 

  • Pop Power Yoga
  • Dance and Downward Dog
  • Strength and Savasana
  • Fusion Flow
  • Jasmine’s Yogalates
  • Tone and Tranquility
  • Main Street Cardio Yoga
  • Move & Flow
  • Just Breathe
  • All in the Movement

Specialty names

You may want to build your yoga business name around a specific type of yoga. For example, if you’re opening a studio that specializes in hot yoga or aerial yoga, add a nod to that specialty in your name. 

  • Hot and Zen Yoga 
  • Atmosphere Aerial Yoga
  • Air and Strength Yoga
  • Elevation Studio
  • Sweat It Out
  • Fly High Yoga
  • The Heat Will Move You
  • Bend in the Sky
  • Fast Fusion Yoga
  • Bend and Breathe Yoga Studio

How to build name recognition

Once you’ve established a name for your yoga business, it’s time to start marketing yourself — an important step before officially opening your doors. First, you need to get online. You’ll want to do that well before opening your doors to build your name recognition. Use these tools to begin hyping up your studio. 

Social media

Create a social media page, get active, and stay consistent by joining various yoga groups and engaging with posts. Share content and start building yourself as an expert. Share photos of different poses and yoga benefits, and use hashtags so that people can find you. 

example of a yoga social media page
Yoga Junction posts healthy recipes and other content on its Facebook page, encouraging followers to incorporate wellness into all facets of their lives.


Along with your name, your website will be most people’s first touchpoint. Whether you’re running a studio in a commercial location or teaching classes from your home, you want your online presence to be professional and inviting. 

Your site should be optimized for mobile searches, and it should be easy to find contact information. 

example of a yoga business website
The Daya Yoga Studio website features a top navigation bar so that anyone can click through the site with ease. It also has a pop-up with featured deals that displays on the homepage.

Start an email list

Every yoga marketing strategy should include email. Start building your list before hosting your first class. Add a form to your website so that people can sign up for newsletters, promotions, class information, and more. 

Put together an engaging newsletter to invite people to your grand opening. You can also send personalized emails that include birthday deals and invites to special events.

How to get started now

You will be branding and building your business on the strength of its name, so take some time with this process. Start by identifying what you do and who you want to target. Consider what makes you unique and think of ways to add this into your name. 

When you have a general direction, start brainstorming names. Narrow it down to your top five, and ask friends, family, and potential customers how the name resonates with them. Soon, you will have a name that makes you proud.