The holidays are coming, and it’s time to decorate your online marketing with holiday email templates.

That’s right. It’s already time for your business to be thinking about making the most of big shopping holidays such as Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas. As well as connecting with your customers by celebrating other fall and winter holidays with them, such as Thanksgiving, Veteran’s Day, and Kwanzaa.

And if you’re like most small businesses and organizations, email marketing will play a big role in how you communicate with your customers and get the word out about your upcoming holiday promotions.

If you haven’t started planning your holiday email marketing, don’t worry, we have the professionally designed holiday email templates you need to save time and stand out in your customers’ inboxes.

I’ve curated this group of holiday email templates just for you. With notes on my favorites, and a peek into next year. Enjoy!

Fall email templates

Okay, so fall isn’t actually a ‘holiday,’ but not everyone wants to focus on Halloween and Thanksgiving. Personally, I’m tired of the Halloween decorations long before October even arrives. So, this year, stand out from the crowd with these great seasonal email templates.

My favorite autumn template:

Constant Contact's Indigenous People's Day email template
Indigenous People’s Day

I love this template for its vibrant images and easy layout. I also love it because it celebrates Indigenous People’s Day. Celebrated on the second Monday of October, this holiday is often overlooked by people outside the Native American Population.

Autumn email templates to fall for:

Thanksgiving email templates

While not traditionally thought of as a big retail day, the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving will likely find you, and your customers, shopping for new fall decor, trying out new recipes, and buying extra ingredients “just in case.”

This makes your Thanksgiving newsletter a great time to share fun Thanksgiving stories, favorite recipes, and discounts on anything “fall” related.

My favorite Thanksgiving template:

Constant Contact holiday email template - Thanksgiving food drive
Thanksgiving Food Drive

I love this one because it reminds people to donate food for those who may not otherwise be getting to eat a Thanksgiving meal.

Thanksgiving email templates to be thankful for:

Black Friday email templates

Black Friday isn’t just for big box stores. With more people focusing on supporting local businesses, you might find that it’s easier than ever to attract customers to your store with a great offer or a special Black Friday promotion of your own.

My favorite Black Friday template:

Holiday Email Templates -  Black Friday template
Black Friday Retail

This is my favorite because it’s clean and simple and the call to action really stands out.

More great Black Friday email templates:

Small Business Saturday email templates

This year, it’s important to remember that a lot of people are still shopping online, rather than going into a local store for Small Business Saturday. So, make sure you’re website is not only up to date but that you also have a way for your customers to make purchases online. Then, get the word out about what you have to offer. 

To help you get started, we have some great Small Business Saturday email templates to choose from.

My favorite Small Business Saturday email template:

Holiday Email Templates -  Small Business Saturday template
Small Business Saturday

This one is kind of an oldie but a goodie. It has everything you need to encourage readers to “shop small.”

A couple more great Small Business Saturday templates:

Cyber Monday email templates

In the past, Cyber Monday has been the day when consumers have done the majority of their shopping online. And although people are doing a lot of online shopping these days, no matter what day of the year it is, Cyber Monday is still known for great online deals.

To get in on the action, come up with a great online offer and share it with your email contacts. If you don’t have an ecommerce store, you can still take advantage of Cyber Monday by creating a local offer that can be purchased online and redeemed at your store — like gift certificates or limited edition gift baskets. Once you create the offer get the word out to your contacts with one of our fun email templates.

My favorite Cyber Monday email template:

Holiday Email Templates -  Cyber Monday
Cyber Monday Sale

This is my favorite simply for its retro neon look. It’s vibrant and fun without being over the top.

More fun Cyber Monday email templates:

Giving Tuesday email templates

If you run a non-profit, you know how important Giving Tuesday can be for fundraising. And, hopefully, you’re already working on this years Giving Tuesday fundraising plan. While you’re putting that plan in motion, be sure to use one of these great email templates.

My favorite Giving Tuesday email template:

Holiday Email Templates - Giving Tuesday
Giving Tuesday Newsletter

For me, this template stands out because it reminds us that what really motivates people to donate is the story behind the charity and the stories of how their donations help the cause.

More for the asking:

Christmas email templates

With so many Happy Holidays email templates being used these days, a Christmas-themed email can really stand out in your customers’ inboxes. So, if it aligns with your brand, be specific and send out Christmas “cards” to your email contacts.

My favorite Christmas email template:

Holiday Email Templates -  Christmas
Christmas Card

I love this one for its sense of nostalgia, simplicity, and touches of nature.

More absolutely wonderful Christmas email templates:

Wintertime email templates

Besides Christmas, there are lots of reasons to celebrate during the winter months. From religious and cultural holidays to winter itself! Take a look at these great wintertime templates and share some cheer with your contacts this winter.

My favorite wintertime email template:

Holiday Email Templates - Winter Season
Winter Sale

I picked this one because it’s both elegant and playful and although the template is a sales email, I think it would be just as good if changed to an event announcement email.

A wonderland of wintertime email templates to choose from:

New Year’s email templates

The New Year is a time to celebrate. For some it’s because we made it through another year and for others it’s a chance to begin again, to change our ways, to do better.

Whether you’ll be making resolutions or not this year, make sure to start the new year right with your contacts.

My favorite New Year’s email template:

Constant Contact's Holiday Email Templates - New Year's
New Year’s Sale

This one is my favorite for the New Year because although the colors are not what one would usually think of for the New Year, they work. It’s a reminder that it’s okay to try new things and spread our creative wings a little when creating our emails.

Templates to get us into the New Year:

If you aren’t ready to send your holiday emails just yet, get ahead of the game by drafting and scheduling emails in advance.

Moving into the New Year

I couldn’t finish out this post without sharing one of my favorite New Year’s holiday email templates:

Chinese New Year – Originally created for 2020, this beautifully designed template has been updated for use year after year.
And, in case you were wondering, the 2023 Chinese New Year is on January 22nd, and it is the year of the Rabbit.

Just the beginning

While this may seem like a lot of holiday email templates, it’s just the beginning. Constant Contact also has holiday .gif email templates that are playful and fun — if you’re interested in something like that. And every year our designers create additional holiday email templates for you to choose from.

So, go ahead, dive in and see what you can create for this holiday season!

Looking for something that not just anyone has? Talk to our customer service team at #855-273-0449 and ask about getting a holiday template packet or better yet, ask about having our Professional Services Team design a holiday template just for you and your business.