The process of buying or selling a home can feel confusing for a lot of people. There are many rules and regulations to consider, not to mention how to find the right house or sell your home for top dollar. 

For someone who’s found you as an agent, you would be there to answer those questions and guide them through the process.

But what about someone who hasn’t found an agent yet?

They’re going to turn to an online search to find the answers they need.

And if you’re answering these questions on your blog, you’ll be more likely to show up in those search results.

Content marketing is just one way you’re going to get more leads in real estate. And websites that consistently post content attract more leads than those who don’t.

Having a content marketing strategy improves your SEO and fuels other areas of your marketing. You’ll begin to establish yourself as the real estate expert to go to while building trust and relationships.

In this article, I’m going to help you develop a content marketing strategy that drives more leads and results for your real estate work. I’ll also share some ideas for what to write and how to plan your content.

Establish a blog on your real estate website

Having a real estate blog is the cornerstone of your content marketing strategy. 

Search engines love fresh blog content, so the best way to benefit from SEO is to establish a blog right on your website. 

Having a blog on your real estate website will allow them to continue exploring how you can assist their real estate needs after reading the content.

We make it easy for you to have a growing and connected client base with all the marketing tools you need, synced to the tools you’re already using.

The essentials of great real estate content

Your work in real estate is built on relationships.

The content you create needs to assist with this. You want to share your expertise, guide potential clients through the process, and make it as seamless as possible for them. 

Your content needs to convey that you’ll be there to help them every step of the way, from the early neighborhood research to final closing.

Here are some things to keep in mind about what makes content effective.

Great content is relevant and meaningful

Real estate content is about delivering relevant, meaningful information to the people who are looking.

Especially when you’re first starting out, people are not sitting at their computer anxiously awaiting the arrival of your next blog post. It’s important to remember that you’ll be there to show up in their search results and provide the content that’s going to answer their question.

Your goal with content marketing is to provide guidance and share your expertise, which ultimately builds trust and relationships — the core of your real estate work. 

Keep it local

Remember, your work is a local service, so the content you’re putting out needs to be specific to your local area.

Keeping your content localized will ensure that you can provide the necessary information to people in your area. You know your local area best, that’s something that large sites cannot offer.

So instead of writing about the newest kitchen trends, you write about kitchen trends that have taken hold in your area.

TIP: Learn more about online local marketing.

Writing for different specific groups

It’s important to remember that not everyone in your audience is the same. In real estate, you’re going to have potential clients with different needs. Some will need to sell their home, others to buy a home. You wouldn’t talk to someone buying their first home the same way you would to someone buying an investment property.

Therefore, you’ll want to have content that helps potential clients in each audience segment find you. 

Think about each type of client you’re looking to help and think about the questions they may have. Then write your insights and answers to those questions.

What to write about on your real estate blog

Figuring out what to write or what content to create can be a challenge. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Answer the questions your clients are asking

First and foremost, start with the questions you hear from people all the time. Whether they ask during an open house, via email, or over the phone, if someone is asking, others are likely searching for the answer to that question online. 

When you start writing content for your blog, start with those questions first. Take a question and make that the title of your blog post. Then, in the body of the post, simply type out your answer, broken up into short, digestible paragraphs.

More content ideas for real estate

Once you’ve answered the common questions, you can start to branch out with other topics to help you reach even more potential real estate clients online.

Here are a few ideas to think about:

  • Tell your brand story – share how you found your passion for real estate
  • Detail your approach to helping clients in your niche
  • Share client success stories and how you solved their problems
  • Deliver industry news and your take on it
  • Highlight architecture that sells in your downtown community
  • Give insight into the average time it takes buyers in your area to find their dream home
  • Share some property buying and selling tips on things like:
    • How sellers can increase their home’s value
    • How to stage a home
    • How to improve your home’s curb appeal
    • How to sell fast
    • How to choose the right real estate agent
    • How to negotiate the best price when buying a home
    • Ways to determine whether you’re ready to buy
    • Tips for getting a great mortgage

A note on types of content

Just remember, written content translates to SEO and getting found in the search results. However, it’s helpful to also include other types of content in your strategy. 

Videos work great to put a friendly face to your real estate work while sharing your expertise. Infographics are another great way to capture attention while visually sharing meaningful stats and tips.

Regardless of the content type, it can then be shared via email and social to engage your existing audience and stay top-of-mind.

Planning your content

When it comes to sitting down and writing your content, you need a plan.

Create a plan, so you know what to post and when. That way, it won’t be a struggle to figure out what to write when the time comes. You can just sit and write.

Remember, search engines love fresh blog content. At a minimum, you’ll want to post on your blog two times a month. Though ideally, we suggest once a week. 

Don’t sacrifice the quality of your content for frequency. Take the tips and information gleaned here to make sure you’re producing quality content that your target audience is searching for. 

Turn website visitors into leads

You’ve now got a strategy for creating great content that drives people to your website.

Just remember to share content that guides your audience along the way, building trust and relationships.

Take the time to plan your content so you can publish it regularly.

Now you’re ready to turn those visitors into leads! Ask them for their email address to nurture your leads via email and turn them into clients.

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