When I found out that one of our favorite local pizza places was about to open a new location right down the street from us, I jumped on Facebook to share the news.

The post garnered 13 likes, and five comments.

Think about the power of this for a second.

Before social media, I’d have to wait until I gathered with a group of friends to share the news. And that’s only if I remembered at the time. But today, thanks to my mobile device, I can easily share the news with my Facebook friends in real time.

These are people—many of whom share the same locality and tastes—who would make perfect prospects for the business I was talking about. Based on how they engage with the original post I shared, that information will spread beyond my immediate connections.

Pretty cool, right?

Something happened in my day-to-day offline world, and I shared it online for discussion. I’m sure you’ve done something similar. We’re all eager to share with our friends the things that are meaningful to us in some way. Things we find helpful, fun, or otherwise useful.

And the sharing goes beyond our offline experiences. Consider how much information is now available to us online, and how easy it is to share the content that resonates with us most with a simple click.

People are sharing content they find valuable.

Content they believe their connections may have an interest in.

I’ve mentioned before, content is the currency of the internet.

To reiterate it’s what people search for, it’s what people consume, it’s what people share, and it’s what people talk about.

And for all these reasons content is something you can’t ignore when it comes to your business getting found online.

But how do you create content that people want to share?

It starts with putting your audience first. You absolutely must understand what makes these people tick.

What are their hopes and dreams? What are their fears? What are the burning questions you can answer for them? How can you help them get to where they want to go?

When the content you create comes from this place of understanding, your content resonates in a whole new way with the people you’re trying to reach.

When your content resonates, people engage with it, and people share it.

This applies to all types of content — an offer or promotion, a blog post, images, videos, or other supporting materials for your marketing campaigns.

It’s this content that people share that helps your business get found and bring in new business.

How can you get started on content people want to share?

Find a current customer who fits the mold of your ideal customer—he or she must be a real person—and take them out for dinner. Pick their brain. Listen carefully to why they choose to do business with you. Ask what’s frustrating them most at moment. Find out how you can best help them next. Then put a plan into place to create content that addresses these issues.

This process allows you to create content that resonates and gets shared.

As your content gets shared, it allows you to reach and attract more people like your ideal customer to your business.

And if I happen to be a person who fits your ideal customer, I’d be happy to chat with you. I know a great place we can go for a slice of pizza.

Any tips for creating content people want to share? Tell us in the comments below.