Facebook 101

Even if you’re not one of the over one billion monthly active Facebook users, chances are you’ve heard of this enormous social network. As you might suspect, there’s power in that kind of enormity.

When you set up a Facebook Page for your business, you can easily connect with existing customers while also getting in front of a brand new audience.

Whether you’re just getting started on Facebook or looking for advice to grow your Facebook Page, the Social Media Quickstarter can help.

Find the resources you need below:

  1. Facebook Glossary
  2. Facebook Page vs. Facebook Profile
  3. Choosing the Right Type of Page
  4. Set Up Your Facebook Page
  5. What Should You Say to Create Better Facebook Content?
  6. How to Promote Your Facebook Page
  7. Adding Photos to Your Page
  8. Choosing the Right Facebook Cover Photo
  9. You as Your Brand Page
  10. How to Schedule Facebook Posts
  11. Introduction to Facebook Insights
  12. How to Show Up in the Facebook News Feed
  13. How to Convert Your Facebook Profile to a Facebook Page
  14. Common Facebook Mistakes to Avoid
  15. How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Email List
  16. One Mistake You Don’t Want to Make When Running a Facebook Ad
  17. Facebook Advertising Ideas

For more information about using other social media networks for your business, visit our Social Media Quickstarter homepage.