As a recruitment agency, you want to connect businesses to the best employees. To do that, you first need to find clients to work with. So, how do recruiters get clients? There are a few things that successful recruitment agencies do in order to connect with high-quality clients. The following is a list of the fastest and most effective ways you, as a recruiter, can secure new clients for your agency.

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Guest blogging

Guest blogging is exactly what it sounds like: Writing blog posts for another company as a guest, rather than as a full-time blogger. If you’re unfamiliar with writing blog posts, this is a great way to practice your skills. Plus, many companies like posting content from guest bloggers because they bring in new points of view.

You should identify which websites potential clients are likely to spend their time on. For example, if you wanted to work with sporting goods stores, you would look for websites hosted by big sporting goods companies. After identifying good potential businesses, you should reach out to ask about guest blogging for them. 

Use your blog posts to promote your recruitment agency and encourage clients to contact you. The fact that your posts are appearing on the website of an established company will give you credibility and boost your odds of reaching more people.

Asking for referrals

Referrals are a specific type of word-of-mouth marketing. All you have to do is ask current clients to recommend your services to people they know. Asking for referrals is a helpful marketing tool because referrals feel more personalized than ad campaigns. When potential clients hear your agency recommended by people they trust, they are more likely to trust your agency.

Alternatively, you can ask clients if they know of companies that are struggling to hire people. Then you can contact those companies directly and offer your services. Be sure to mention that you learned about their difficulties from a current client. This creates a sense of personal connection and establishes that you’re already experienced at working with similar clients.

LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn is a leading website for business networking. It features online groups geared towards various businesses and job categories. If you’re trying to get clients for a recruitment agency, it’s an ideal place to start your search.

You can utilize the referral strategies outlined above by contacting current clients on LinkedIn. Join the groups they’re involved in or ask them for recommendations of groups to join. While you’re at it, you can polish your own profile to make yourself stand out on LinkedIn.

Joining the same LinkedIn group as a potential new client automatically gives you something in common with them. You can use that point of commonality to build a rapport. If possible, find other things you have in common: maybe the CEO went to the same college as you, or maybe you’ve worked in the same city. Message the client using LinkedIn’s messaging system, introduce yourself, and explain why you think they should partner with your recruitment agency.

In-person networking 

In-person networking to find clients for your recruitment agency is a timeless way to build rapport and establish invaluable connections. Known as social capital, these actions can connect you with potential clients and recruits. Some ways to amp up your networking game include:

  • ‌Attend conferences and local networking events in your preferred industry.
  • Stay in touch with past colleagues, college friends, and coworkers. 
  • Request referrals from businesses or other professionals in your area.

‌Create an elevator pitch and proposal process

‌An elevator pitch sells an idea or concept to someone in under a minute. It should be concise, to the point, and make a lasting impression. Your pitch should introduce your company to potential clients and quickly highlight what you can offer them. You want to make them feel confident about trusting you. 

From here, you can move on to your proposal, which can provide a more detailed explanation of your company and services offered. Include some specific examples of jobs you have filled for past clients, or mention potential candidates that might interest them.

‌Event directories

Event directories can provide many opportunities for networking and finding leads as a recruiter. Online event directories are often presented as free websites containing lists of events and the businesses that will be attending the events. Such events provide your recruitment agency an opportunity to use your elevator pitch with prospective clients in person. ‌

Event directories can also provide an invaluable source for both cold calls and email campaigns in order to further network and recruit clients.

Run a Google ads campaign

Google provides effective advertising power for your recruitment agency, and the rate of return can be high. Your online advertisements through Google ads will link directly to your recruitment agency’s website. By running a Google ads campaign, you can effectively: 

  • Increase your website’s visits
  • ‌Receive more phone calls from clients
  • Increase the traffic to your business, for both in-person meetings and online communication

P‌ay-per-click advertising

PPC advertising is a particularly useful tactic. PPC stands for “pay-per-click,” which is a good summary of how these ads work. In PPC advertising, you pay a fee only when one of your ads is clicked. The best part is, you can place your ads on websites that relate to your specialty. Therefore, targeting both clients and potential recruits alike and only paying for those who show interest by clicking on your link.

Another strategy you can use is retargeting ads. Retargeted ads are sent to people who have previously visited your site. When users click on specific pages of your website, a cookie will be added to their computer. This cookie can then direct targeted ads to the user, based on whatever web page the user was previously looking at. Retargeted ads require a bit of specialized computer knowledge, but they’re a great way to reach potential clients.

Email lists 

Remember all those email addresses you collected while networking? An email list can be a valuable management tool for your recruitment agency. With a click of a mouse, both current and potential new clients are delivered valuable information. Some benefits of email lists include: 

  • Like your website, you own the information and its proprietary
  • Segmenting lists allows you to target market to recruits and clients separately
  • Sending regular newsletters to your lists lets you keep your readers informed and keep you top of mind
  • Email marketing has an ROI (return on investment) of $42:1

Final thoughts

‌By strategizing your marketing and self-promotion process, you can discover the best potential new clients. With a bit of research, organization, and time, your recruitment agency will see accelerated results, longevity, and success. Establishing valuable leads and interpersonal relationships will help you connect to clients and keep your business thriving.

At Constant Contact, whether you’re launching an email marketing campaign to engage customers, building an awesome website in minutes, or promoting your business with Google Ads, we have all the tools and guidance you need to achieve the results you want, all in one place.