Oh my gosh! It’s already time to talk about November holidays and newsletter ideas! I can’t believe it! Wow! Time has really flown this year and now we’re already facing the big holiday season.

While it may seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to compete with all of the big-box stores during the mad crush of Thanksgiving weekend. Instead, encourage your customers to shop early — and potentially save more — by celebrating some of the other holidays that November has to offer.

For instance, if you sell books, paper, or anything writing-related — including tutoring services or online education — have your biggest sale on National Author’s Day (Nov. 1st). Want to make fun of the chaos that the holidays bring every year? Celebrate Chaos Never Dies Day (Nov. 9th) with a lighthearted approach and a “clearance” sale to clear the chaos.

Honestly, if you sell anything — products or services — pre-Thanksgiving offers are perfect for offering your customers a special one-day “loyal customers only” type of discount. Let them know that it’s the deepest discount they’ll get this year and it’s only for them. Then, make it your biggest discount ever, so your truly loyal customers know it’s a steal. And, if you make it an annual “event” they’ll look forward to it year after year (Ever heard of Macy’s Semi-Annual Sales?).

But, November isn’t only for those who sell things — despite what it may seem like. There are a whole lot of other holidays to share with your readers. Whether you want to pay tribute on Veterans Day (Nov. 11th) or share a recipe for National Homemade Bread Day (Nov. 17th), there are plenty of holidays to share in your November newsletter.

November holidays — 2021

Thanksgiving (Nov. 25th) is an important holiday if you’re in the United States but if you’re anywhere else on the planet — not so much. Of course, here in The States we’re also focused on Black Friday (Nov. 26th), Small Business Saturday (Nov. 27th), Cyber Monday (Nov. 29th), and Giving Tuesday (Nov. 30th). Certainly, those are important “holidays” to include in your newsletter this month. But you knew that already and my job is to give you other great holidays and ideas to include in your newsletter. So let’s take a look:

  • November 1stNational Men Make Dinner Day. This day is for the men who don’t know a simmer from a boil, or even a pot from a pan, to get in the kitchen and get it done.
  • November 2ndDay of the Dead. A traditional Mexican holiday, this day celebrates both life and death.
  • November 12thNational Happy Hour Day. Dating back to the 1900s, this is a day to have a drink and have some fun!
  • November 23rdFibonacci Day. A day specifically to commemorate “nature’s secret code,” the Fibonacci sequence.
  • November 28thNational French Toast Day. Do I really need to explain this? It’s good food — just go with it.

In 2020 a new holiday/shopping day was added to the big Thanksgiving weekend: Artists Sunday (Nov. 28th). This day is specifically to encourage people to buy art as gifts for the holidays. What can your business do to support your local artists this year?

November newsletter ideas

So many holidays. So many ideas!

November newsletter ideas for filling bellies

It’s November and besides preparing for a big Thanksgiving Day feast, what would one of these articles be if I didn’t include food? November is the month for:

  • National Fun with Fondue Month
  • National Georgia Pecan Month
  • National Stuffing Month

Those are just a few of the foods that November celebrates. To help your readers prepare for the coming food-heavy celebrations, take a section of your November newsletter to:

  • Share your favorite recipe for pecan pie or stuffing — make it a really interesting read by telling the story behind the recipe (if there is one).
  • Encourage your readers to go light on the cooking one night and provide some tips on a quick and easy fondue night (if you don’t have your own, find a good article and share the link with some of your own fondue memories).
  • Start a recipe swap and take it to your social media — for an added bonus, make it into a contest to raise money for a November health awareness issue. You can ask for donations to vote on the recipes, or create a private Facebook group for individuals to swap recipes and ask for a donation to join. As always, people give more if you offer to match donations or set a goal for the month and keep everyone updated on how close you are to reaching it.

November newsletter ideas for fun holidays

If your brand allows, it’s always uplifting to find a little fun section in a newsletter. So, take a look at these ideas and see what sparks your imagination for this month’s newsletter.

International Tongue Twister Day (Nov. 8th)

Whether you grew up trying to tell a tale of Peter the Piper or channeling your inner mathematician to answer the question of how much wood the woodchuck chucked, this is a great time to:

  • Give your readers something to get tongue-tied about by sharing a tongue twister in your newsletter.
  • Run a contest on TikTok (or another social media platform) where entrants have to share a video of them reciting a tongue twister and then challenging a friend to do their own video. Of course, to be eligible to win the entrants would need to use your branded hashtag, and tag you in the video. Give them an entrance deadline (run it all month for maximum exposure). Then, choose a winner at random and give them a discount on their next visit or purchase!
  • If you have anything to do with education, speech therapy, actors, public speakers, or children, this is a great topic for a blog post. Whether you share the fun of tongue twisters or share tips on improving diction and pronunciation, be sure to share a short description of your article with a link to it in your newsletter.

Odd Socks Day (Nov. 15th)

When I originally saw this day I thought it was created because one too many socks got lost in the dryer. However, it’s actually a fun way to celebrate what makes us unique during Anti-Bullying week. So, I guess this fits for both awareness and fun. Yay!

For this day think about:

  • Encouraging your readers and staff to wear odd socks to work and then share photos of your staffs’ socks on social media.
  • Offer a discount to anyone who comes in on the 15th wearing odd socks. Give them a bonus discount if they can tell you why they’re wearing odd socks (Hint: They better say for anti-bullying awareness).
  • Help stomp out bullying by sponsoring an anti-bullying club at a local school. Then share the good news about your sponsorship and club activities with your readers and encourage them to get involved or donate to stop bullying in your community and online.

National Hiking Day (Nov. 17th)

I love to hike. Which is a good thing considering how much I love food — especially desserts. And, since Thanksgiving is this month, this is a great holiday to share with your readers to help them burn off some of those extra holiday calories! 

I recommend making some room in your November newsletter to:

  • Share directions to one of your favorite hiking trails.
  • Tell a story about the best hike you ever had and include a great photo, if you have one. If you have a bunch of photos, post them on social media and ask your followers to share their favorite hikes and photos as well.
  • If you’re not a hiker, but this can still fit into your brand, share some tips on cold weather hiking, picking the best gear, or how to stay safe if hiking alone.

TIP: Whatever holiday you highlight in your newsletter this month, whether you issue a challenge, offer advice, or ask your readers to share, include a branded hashtag and a custom hashtag — along with a corresponding post on social media — so you can easily find and like what they post!

November newsletter subject lines

  • “This is a devilishly good deal… “ – National Deviled Egg Day (Nov. 2nd) – for including an offer
  • “What the devil are we up to now?” – National Deviled Egg Day (Nov. 2nd)
  • “Life is sweet” – National Candy Day (Nov. 4th)
  • “This is nacho…. “ – National Nachos Day (Nov. 6th) – you can tag just about anything onto this opening so have some fun and play with it
  • “Grab a cup-a-ccino… “ – National Cappuccino Day (Nov.8th) – another one that’s good to start you out whether you’re a coffee shop or not
  • “Freedom!” – World Freedom Day (Nov. 9th) – for letting your readers know how you can relieve their pain points, for offering free shipping, for bringing awareness to the day, or starting a fundraiser for the cause
  • “‘Won’t you tell me how to get…’” – Sesame Street Day (Nov. 10th) – perfect for conducting a survey
  • “It’s just odd” – Odd Socks Day (Nov.15th)
  • “You don’t want to flush this!” – World Toilet Day (Nov.19th)
  • “This is just absurd! Seriously.” – National Absurdity Day (Nov. 20th)
  • “No Fibon, this is the coolest…” – Fibonacci Day (Nov. 23rd)
  • “You’ll want to gobble this up…” – Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 25th) – for sharing great information or offering a discount
  • “Don’t be blue on Black Friday” – Black Friday (Nov. 26th)
  • “Want some warm fuzzies?” – Giving Tuesday (Nov. 30th) and No-Shave November – Include lines like “give until it feels good” and “donate your shaving savings” to clarify what the warm fuzzies are

Once you’ve written your newsletter, use some of the ideas above to trigger a creative brainstorm of potential subject lines.

As you brainstorm, jot down whatever comes to mind. It doesn’t matter how silly, crazy, or far out there the ideas might seem at first. Write them all down. After that, it’s just a matter of picking a subject line that 1st: gives a hint as to what’s in the newsletter, and 2nd: will hopefully make readers curious as to what’s inside.

As you narrow down your possible subject lines, you’ll see that creating the right subject lines for your newsletters is really pretty easy. Of course, it might not hurt to down a cappuccino and have a bowl of candy standing by either. 

Hey! Don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it!

For more holidays and ideas on what you can do to share them with your customers, download the graphic below. Or, get to work planning out the rest of your year with our full Online Marketing Calendar, complete with a free template and a full list of holidays you can use to plan a successful year.

November 2021 marketing and holiday planning infographic