The trucking industry is currently in the midst of a significant shortage. Because of this, drivers with the right qualifications can be difficult to find.

To attract the best talent, logistics companies and recruiters should take advantage of digital resources, such as:

However, not all options are ideal in every situation. You may find more success in using job sites compared to posting on social media, depending on how you use these virtual spaces and the likelihood of truck drivers seeing your ads. 

Boost leads and sales for your trucking, warehousing, or logistics business with online marketing tools and advice.

Practice patience and be ready to try option after option — outlined and discusses below, with specific examples — as you determine the best place to advertise for truck drivers to serve your business. 

Job sites

For decades, job seekers and recruits alike have turned to websites such as Monster and Indeed. These platforms may be associated with office-style jobs, but they can also be used to spread the word about trucking positions. 

The following websites are most likely to help you identify qualified applicants.


Long a top option for finding job candidates in varied fields, Indeed offers access to a vast pool of potential company drivers, owner-operators, and other trucking professionals.

Competition can be fierce, but sponsored options make it easier to stand out. Displayed near organic results, sponsored posts can be personalized and tracked to produce the best possible job candidates.

A key consideration before posting on Indeed is the potential for employer reviews. This feature can present both an exciting opportunity and a considerable challenge. In some situations, this may force job seekers to browse reviews for truck driving positions alongside unrelated jobs. With owner-operator setups, however, positive reviews can provide a significant advantage.


For years, Monster and Indeed have competed for the top spot in the online job listing market. Indeed is largely regarded as the better option for those seeking part-time and contract jobs. Monster excels in helping job hunters land traditional full-time positions, although the website offers plenty to keep trucking companies and their applicants happy.

Jobs can be posted for free, although — as with Indeed — paid solutions may gain more traction in a crowded market. Monster Studios can be called upon to deliver a more personal touch by incorporating videos in listings.


While it’s best known for providing aggregate results from a myriad of job listing sources, SimplyHired also offers an option to directly post job ads. 

The website provides a streamlined approach in which a single post can reach a wide array of digital resources. Tags referencing benefits and qualifications allow job seekers to quickly determine whether they’re suited for particular positions within the transportation industry.

Trucking-specific job sites

While websites such as Indeed and Monster provide a powerful starting point, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the best place to advertise for truck drivers could be at trucking-specific websites.

These niche online offerings may prove more helpful, as they provide filtering options. Examples include:

  • Driver type. Will the job candidate serve as a company driver? Or does the job involve an owner-operator arrangement, in which vehicles are purchased independently and then contracted for hauling loads?
  • Required equipment. Should the applicant be capable of — and licensed to — work with specific types of vehicles or equipment? 
  • Routes. Will the driver be required to cover thousands of miles during cross-country trips? Or is the position strictly limited to regional routes? 

These represent just a few of the many parameters that can be used to highlight exciting opportunities on transportation-oriented websites, two of which are listed below.

This popular truck job website features an extensive company directory and searchable listings with specific designations that job seekers find useful. Before gaining a spot within these listings, you’ll need to submit details, such as your DOT/MC number and your current number of company trucks or owner-operators.

Offering a thorough filtering process designed to provide advertisers with access to the most reliable truck drivers, provides a variety of plans and services.

The website’s focused job board includes categories — such as student drivers — that might be difficult to find elsewhere. Users can also search based on team or lease purchase arrangements. Likewise, freight designations are available — including flatbed, over-dimensional, tanker, dry bulk, and more.

Trucking forums

An oft-forgotten option for networking, trucking forums provide a unique opportunity to build connections with experienced drivers as they enjoy some much-needed virtual relaxation. And because this is the online space where you’re most likely to find them all the time, trucking forums could also be the best place to advertise for truck drivers.

Truckers Report

The Truckers Report website serves many functions. It’s well-known throughout the industry for its forums, which allow visitors to discuss everything from favorite trucking companies to driver health — and even truck-based cooking.

Best place to advertise for truck drivers -
The Truckers Report website is well-known for its forums, but it’s also an opportune place for industry-related advertisements.

The website also offers a trucking jobs section, with listings that delve into unique considerations such as experience with oilfields or dealing with hazardous materials (HAZMATs). These designations make Truckers Report an excellent option for attracting in-demand professionals with niche skills.

Freight Relocators

Freight Relocators is a go-to digital resource for truck drivers. The top-rated website is owned and staffed by experienced trucking professionals who believe that their fellow drivers must remain up to date on industry developments. Members use the website’s forums to rave about career successes, commiserate about shared challenges, or simply chat with like-minded individuals.

A category in the Freight Relocators forum offers insight into job opportunities. It also provides information on dispatching services, freight brokering, and more. Within the trucking jobs subcategory, you’ll find threads outlining open positions for company drivers and owner-operators.

Social media platforms

Increasingly, job seekers today learn of — and even apply for — top opportunities via social media. From professional spaces such as LinkedIn to seemingly casual community-based applications like Twitter, a variety of social media platforms can be used to advertise positions.

Best place to advertise for truck drivers - Twitter
Logistics solutions company Schneider uses Twitter to boost the reach of their career advertisements.


Facebook offers an intuitive job listing and searching process. The platform allows applicants to browse for open positions and also view official Facebook Business Pages to gain insight into companies of interest. An “Apply Now” call-to-action button encourages potential truck drivers to submit their resumes on the spot.

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of posting job listings on Facebook is that it allows your followers to spread the word. From highlighting open positions in standard updates to referencing them in Facebook Stories, options abound. The listings themselves include a helpful share option, so users can quickly let friends know about exciting opportunities.


LinkedIn may not be the first social media platform you think of when you’re in the market to hire truck drivers, but its talent solutions resemble those of job listing websites. The platform goes above and beyond, however, by emphasizing the power of digital networking. 

From sharing blog posts to direct messaging, several options are available for you to build rapport with potential drivers. There are even dedicated groups for truck driving recruiters and other transportation industry professionals.


Multiple subreddits offer access to online communities with members eager for work in the transportation industry. While the subreddit extension “/r/truckers” primarily involves questions, anecdotes, and advice, the subreddit’s extension “/r/truckingjobs” is the best place to advertise for truck drivers on the web content and social news aggregation website.

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