Your auto repair shop may have existed for years with only a sign outside your business on the side of the road. You may have benefited from your satisfied customers sharing their experience with friends to get new clients. Your business may have been fine for decades.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t time to modernize. Every small or medium-sized business needs to have a website in today’s fast-moving marketplace. The competition in the auto repair industry is always growing, and you need a way to share the quality of your work and customer service with those who need your services.

An auto repair website is your best tool to drive business since so many people search online these days instead of asking for referrals from friends. If you don’t have an online presence, some prospects may not know you even exist. 

You can have more control over your customers’ online experience with your shop through a website, developing relationships in a way that’s more personal than just relying on social media. 

Still, creating a website from scratch can feel overwhelming — especially when you’re busy keeping your business running. But think of it like putting an engine back together, building it piece by piece.

Let’s take a closer look at what it takes to build a car repair website and some examples to serve as design inspirations.

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Auto repair website must-haves

Appropriate domain name

Don’t get too cute with domain names, because they’re one of the most important marketing tools you can own. Your URL, or what you type in starting with “www,” should be directly connected to your business in some way. It should tell what your business is or explain what it does.

Keep it short and simple. If your company name is “Joe’s Auto Repair,” see if is available for purchase. If spelling your business name is a challenge for some, think about or something that is easy to remember and promotional.

Your company logo

Websites are excellent branding tools, but branding starts with a good logo. Don’t forget to include your company logo on your homepage. Use colors and fonts that complement your logo throughout your website, as well as other marketing materials you may create. 

The idea behind branding is to create a mental shortcut for your customers. You’ll want them to connect your high-quality work with the image and font that you use in your logo. A logo is a simple yet powerful way to demonstrate that your repairs are consistent and trustworthy.

At least three pages

When you first create your website, it doesn’t have to be fancy. But it should include at least three well-written and well-designed pages. This includes:


On your homepage, include an engaging photo that could show a happy customer, your spic-and-span garage, or a group shot of your team. Make it clear what services you offer, and include a call-to-action button. It could be as simple as “Schedule Your Appointment Today,” with a link to your contact information.

About page

Why should a customer choose your shop over any others in your community? The “About” page is your opportunity to explain what makes you first, better, or different. Include keywords that your customers may use to search for you online. This process is part of what’s known as SEO, or search engine optimization.

Contact page

How can your customers get a hold of you? Make it easy for them by including your phone number, physical address, and links to any social media platforms. If you are willing to accept texts, make that clear. You can even include an email form so they can send you a request for service at any time. 


Next, you need to make sure that your website works just as well on a smartphone as on a desktop computer. Customers today — especially if they’re broken down on the side of the road — are using their smartphones to search for garages. If your site is hard to navigate on mobile devices, you’ll end up losing business.

Engaging content

Although you can start simple, you’ll eventually want to improve your website with engaging content. The more blogs, videos, tips for preventive maintenance, and other valuable information you share with customers for free, the more they’ll consider coming to you when they need service on their vehicle. 

Your website can serve as a driver of business. If you implement a digital advertising campaign through Google My Business or Facebook business pages, for example, the goal is to get more people to see your website and connect with your shop. Giving them more reasons to click on your site means more customers in the long run.

Great examples of auto repair websites

You don’t need to learn code in order to have a professional website that functions as designed. To get your site up and running quickly, use a website-creation tool like Constant Contact’s Website Builder.

For inspiration, check out these great auto repair websites. Designs can be flashy or simple, depending on your brand and what best reflects your company and values.

Phoenix Auto Repair

Why it’s great: It’s got a clear URL,, and plenty of call-to-action options right on the homepage.

auto repair web site
This site has been updated with COVID-19 safety precautions, which is a common issue on customers’ minds today.

Jay Barkers Auto Repair Service

Why it’s great: Jay Barkers Auto Repair Service makes family values take center stage, along with a cool close-up photo of a clean engine. Notice their “repair tips” as clickable content to keep prospective customers reading.

auto repair web site
The “Appointment Request” button at the top serves as a call to action, or CTA.

H&R Repair & Towing

Why it’s great: H&R Repair & Towing’s simple site is low on images but filled with bits of text that clearly explain exactly what kind of work it does. The shop’s contact information is front and center, so customers know how to reach out.

auto repair web site
Small images are fine, but break up the text into easy-to-digest chunks like this site does.

Otto Haus of Charleston

Why it’s great: Simple, clear design makes the Otto Haus of Charleston site look high-end and professional. The logo pops in front of the black-and-white photo, and customers can easily choose locations and connect.

auto repair web site
This business knows its demographic, which isn’t necessarily interested in the cheapest fix for a vehicle.

The Mechanic Spot

Why it’s great: Scroll down on The Mechanic Spot’s homepage to learn all about the services it offers and how to schedule an appointment. What more do you need?

auto repair web site
This shop uses a simple template, which allows visitors to focus on text that encourages them to connect.

Level up your auto repair shop marketing 

Ready to learn more about what it takes to improve your marketing and branding of your auto repair shop? Check out Constant Contact’s The Download. This free guide gives the 101 on what it takes to make your business stand out from the competition.

As you work to create and improve your website, remember that simple is better than nothing. Don’t rely on social media to host your business online. Don’t wait to create a website that reflects the values and services that you and your team take pride in.