Slogans are a very effective way to cement your brand into your audience’s memory. By creating catchy construction slogans for your business and getting them in front of your target audience, you exponentially increase your chances of success.

Expand your reach and create a strong brand image by developing your slogan and attaching it to your company’s name through advertising and content marketing efforts.

Follow the tips below and look at the example construction slogans to learn how to create the best one for your brand.

8 tips for creating construction slogans

Screenshot of Bechtel construction slogan, "Helping customers delver projects that enable current and future generations to thrive."
Bechtel grabs its audience’s attention with this forward-looking slogan.

The following eight tips can help you create a construction slogan that suits your business.

1. Consider your target audience

‌As with any messaging or marketing you do, your target audience has to be at the center. Without creating something relevant to those you want to target, you are fighting a losing battle.

You need to be very clear on your target audience so you can adapt accordingly. If, for example, you plan to only market your services to locals, it is okay to use local slang in your slogan.

However, if you hope to branch out more, some of your target audience may not understand what your slogan means. Therefore, the clearer you can be on who you wish to advertise your construction company to, the more relevant you can make your slogan.

2. Be clear

‌Many companies like to use a play on words with their construction slogans. This is not a bad thing as it can actually be very humorous. However, it can also be a slippery slope.

If you would like to do the same, remember that what makes sense to you may not make sense to everyone. Ask some trusted friends, family members, or colleagues for their opinions before finalizing your slogan.

If you get a good response, put your idea to work. However, if most of those you ask do not get the joke, it’s best to move on to other slogans.

3. Keep it simple

‌It’s important to understand that reading your slogan takes time out of someone’s day, and people’s attention spans have decreased over the years. If your slogan is too long or complicated, there is a good chance that no one will read it. If they do, they are less likely to remember it.

Imagine driving down the highway and seeing a company’s billboard. If it’s short, you can glance at it and understand the words quickly. If it’s too long, you might not be able to take it all in, at least not without swerving off the road. 

Your slogan should be front and center on your construction company’s website. If your slogan is too long, people may scroll past it and struggle to get a sense of what your company is all about. 

The fewer words it takes to make your point, the better. Ten words or less typically provides plenty of space for creativity without losing your audience’s attention.

screenshot showing Skanska sloga, "Skanska is building for a better society."
Skanska created an uplifting slogan with only seven words. 

4. Make it evergreen

‌Working with seasonal, special, or limited-time events is great for your social media, but your slogan should be timeless. It should make complete sense throughout the year for as long as you are in business.

Consider Folgers’ “The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup.” No matter the season, this is still relevant for all coffee lovers. You want your construction slogan to be just as timeless so that it locks into the audience’s mind and creates relevancy.

5. Use humor or sentiment

‌Some of the most memorable slogans make people laugh or evoke some type of emotion, inspiration, or memory. For example, Nike’s “Just Do It” sparks inspiration, and it is known around the world.

If you can create some type of emotional or inspirational attachment to your slogan, people will remember it for a long time. And, if you can cause someone to laugh, that person will not only remember your slogan but also likely tell it to a friend.

6. Consistency is key

‌Your slogan should complement everything about your brand. It needs to flow with your logo and adequately represent your company and your crew. By keeping your marketing consistent across all avenues, you are helping to cement your brand’s image into your audience’s mind.

7. Be honest

‌You want to make your company sound great, but you don’t want to overpraise yourself. It is better to under-promise and over-deliver than it is to over-promise and disappoint.

While making your construction slogan, be kind to your business. Point out something positive, but keep it tame. Don’t say anything that you are not sure you can live up to every single time.

8. Make it as unique as your company

‌You are not like every other construction company out there. There is something unique about your products, your services, your crew, or something that goes on behind the scenes.

To stand out in a crowd, utilize that uniqueness. For example, if you use an environmentally friendly process, you should work that into your slogan and your entire brand image.

Screenshot of Ashden slogan. "Emergency response: climate crisis demands building revolution."
Ashden emphasizes their commitment to the environment in their slogan. 

30 examples of catchy construction slogans

‌Below are some of our best construction slogans. You will see the humor, wordplay, and inspirational sayings among them, all of which create a memorable slogan for your construction brand. 

  1. Building beautiful homes one dream at a time.
  2. No screw-ups here! We’ll nail your project on time and on budget!
  3. Making your vision become a reality.
  4. Solid foundations for a brighter future.
  5. Homes to stand the test of time.
  6. Quality. Safety. Reliability. Every time.  
  7. Our crew + your dream = phenomenal results.
  8. Dreams are meant to come true. We’ll make it happen for you.
  9. Building with vision, quality, and pride.
  10. Innovative renovation at your side.
  11. A once-in-a-lifetime project deserves timeless construction.  
  12. Whatever your vision, we’ll nail it for you!
  13. You dream it. We can build it.  
  14. Your satisfaction is our goal. Your vision is our business.
  15. Let’s renovate your living space.
  16. Do you believe in magic? Let’s make it happen!
  17. Let’s construct a better tomorrow for future generations.
  18. It’s your dream home. Let’s build it right.
  19. We provide quality construction for every project.
  20. We build the house. You make it a home.  
  21. If you can dream it, we can dig it!
  22. Concrete construction in shaky times.
  23. Build dream home. Check. What’s next?
  24. Construction is more than our business. It’s who we are.
  25. Let us breathe fresh life into your old home.
  26. Constructing homes with pride.
  27. Building solid foundations for an ever-changing world.
  28. Restoring your life, one beam at a time.
  29. Any job. Any dream. Any size. We’ve got your back.
  30. Laying beams on the back of your dreams.  

Create a construction slogan that represents your company

‌Creating construction slogans can be a bit of a challenge, but it can also be a fun process. Using the steps above and our marketing resources for construction companies, define your brand and your company’s unique offering. Consider asking friends and colleagues for help brainstorming ideas to help get the process rolling.