Imagine it’s Thursday, December 1st, 2022.

Giving Tuesday has come and gone. You’ve participated in a global day of giving, raised some impressive funds, and gained valuable learnings to apply to the next year.

Nicely done!

Now it’s time to create a Giving Tuesday thank you campaign that turns the holiday into a launching pad for record-breaking year-end donations.

To build on your Giving Tuesday momentum, you need to plan your thoughtful follow-ups in advance. Make sure you’re saying these three things to your supporters once the big day is in the books:

1. Thank you

You absolutely cannot overlook the importance of expressing gratitude to your donors. Thanking them for their Giving Tuesday gift reinforces that their donation matters and increases their investment in your organization.

The most effective thank-you emails are simple, straightforward, and above all, authentic.

Strong Women Strong Girls expresses their gratitude in a couple of quick paragraphs with powerful sentences like: “We do not take for granted that our work would not be possible without supporters like you.”

Giving Tuesday Thank You email example.

Take this opportunity to remind supporters of what their donation makes possible. You can also use your thank you email as a chance to give something back. Strong Women Strong Girls does a great job of this by inviting donors to celebrate a successful year during their Holiday Open House.

Don’t be camera-shy! Sharing a thank you video is a really engaging way to show your appreciation.

2. We’re counting on you beyond Giving Tuesday

Make sure that your new donors and recurring donors alike know that Giving Tuesday isn’t the only day they can get involved. Send a thoughtful “We’re counting on you” email to let your subscribers know how important year-end donations are to meeting your organization’s goals.

One important caveat when sending this message: Don’t be too pushy here. Even if they’re not able to donate this time around, show them other ways they can help out.

Encourage supporters to share a link to your donation page from their social media channels or remind them to refer your organization directly to a friend or family member who might be able to help out.

3. Here’s what we accomplished together

Have you ever dedicated time, energy, and resources to something without knowing if your efforts paid off?

Not a very nice feeling, is it? Definitely not something you want your donors to feel!

Instead, treat your donors like important stakeholders of your organization. Keep them informed of the specific goals you’re trying to accomplish and how you’re faring. The more transparency you offer the more invested they’ll feel.

Include anecdotal accomplishments as well as charts that show year-over-year results, so your supporters know exactly where things stand and how they fit in.

Giving Tuesday follow up message

Extend your Giving Tuesday success with a thoughtful “thank you” campaign

Plan your follow-up messages in advance so you can deliver impactful messages that drive action through the end of the year and beyond!