While you probably spend a decent amount of time creating your emails, I’d bet you spend less than five minutes thinking about your signature line (or your “Closing Block”). After all, it’s not like you usually don’t know what you’re going to say in those blocks in the first place — your name, number, and address are pretty easy to remember!

But the bare details of how someone can get in touch with you are just the start. There is so much more you can do with your Contact Block to give your subscribers what they are looking for.

Make Emailing You Easier

Do you prefer to call companies or businesses you interact with, or do you like to email them instead? Different people have different ideas about what’s the easiest way to get in touch. So, make sure you not only include an email address, but go the extra mile and make that email address clickable.

Put Yourself on the Map

If you have a business location, encouraging customers to come and visit is too important to overlook! Go ahead and put the thought of visiting in their minds by including not only a physical address, but a map too.

Once you’ve made that image a clickable link, you’ll have added the perfect finishing touch.

Help Them “Like” and Follow You

Finally, give your subscribers a chance to get even more involved. By including buttons that link to your profile pages on various social media sites, you let them know how to get more information from you and how to support you even further.

Closing Block With Social Media

Of course, it may not be the right thing for your needs to add all of these different contact options to each one of your emails. But it sure is nice to know what you have to work with. Adding even one more method to help your subscribers to get in touch is well worth the effort!