As the owner of a computer repair business, you might be comfortable with even the tiniest details of computer processes and hardware. But you need to be comfortable with computer repair advertising if you want your business to grow.

By creating a robust digital marketing strategy, you’ll be well on your way to hatching an effective advertising campaign for your computer repair business. This article will outline important strategies such as:

  • Targeting a specific audience
  • Building your website and SEO
  • Managing online listings and reviews
  • Using ad services
  • Running email marketing campaigns
  • Designing memorable logos and signage
  • Using social media and word-of-mouth advertising

Targeting a specific audience

Before you brainstorm potential advertisement ideas for your computer repair business, you need to understand your target audience. Think about what jobs you and your technicians usually do, what jobs you prefer to do, and what jobs you excel at. From there, develop an outline of your ideal customer.

Who do you want to appeal to the most? Think about demographic characteristics such as: 

  • Location. You want to reach customers in your geographic area. Target local customers by filtering for certain locations and using techniques like email segmentation. 
  • Interests. Do you primarily fix gaming systems or work systems? Appealing to a specific market can be more effective than generic advertising.  
  • Age. Age can have a profound effect on your advertising campaigns. Try to specify the ideal age range to target. 

The way you define your ideal customer will form the foundation for your computer repair advertising ideas. For instance, if you’re hoping to appeal to 18 – 30 year old gamers, hop on social media platforms to raise awareness for your brand; if you’re hoping to appeal to older adults who need technical help, email newsletters and Google ads may be more helpful.

Building your website and SEO

Your website is your business’s online home. Be sure to create an accessible, visually appealing, and impactful landing site. Your homepage should be:

  • Mobile-responsive. A lot of modern business is done on mobile devices — if your potential customer is searching for computer repair help, it’s even more likely they’ll be using their phones. Your website must be just as beautiful and easy-to-navigate on a phone as it is on a desktop device. Make the customer’s experience easy by creating a mobile-responsive website.
  • Easy-to-use. Your website should be clear and accessible for all potential customers and on all devices. Your website should include a homepage, services page, about page, and contact page that make it easy for visitors to connect with you or schedule service. 
  • Search Engine Optimized. Search engine optimization involves modifying your site so search engines can detect it and display it in search results pages. If you’re pressed for time, Constant Contact offers SEO tools that help you improve your rank on search results pages.
  • Use local SEO. In the repair industry, most of your customers are local. Use local SEO tools and techniques to reach your most likely customers: the people nearest you!
The best computer repair advertising is your own website
Kyber System‘s website is simple and easy to use! With multiple ways to book an appointment and easy-to-access reviews, this website is a breeze to navigate. 

Managing your online listings and reviews

Claim your Google My Business profile to make use of preferred placement in Google search results. This valuable tool lets you:

  • Manage your business information.
  • Add photos to personalize your business and demonstrate expertise.
  • Use search listings, map listings, and contact information to connect with potential customers.

Once you’ve claimed your business, consider enlisting the help of happy customers to build your reputation as a repair service and draw in new clients. Encourage or incentivize loyal customers to talk about their positive experiences with your quality repairs. Take the time to manage your reviews on:

  • Google. Customers turn to Google to learn more about nearly every type of business. Make use of their simple and straightforward business resources. 
  • Yelp. Yelp is well-known for its straightforward and honest reviews. Using the platform is a great way to gain new social media followers and draw more traffic to your website. 

Using ad services

Ads are an efficient way to generate traffic to your computer repair website. Ads should be clear and concise, compel action, and lead to your landing page. Effective advertising tools and strategies include:

  • Retargeting ads. Retargeting ads direct people who’ve left your site without taking action back to your website. Customers are much more likely to take action once redirected back to your site.
  • Facebook and Instagram ads. These social media platforms provide impactful advertising tools. Using targeted ads will drive customers to your social media platforms and website. You can target potential customers based on their interests, behaviors, and location.
  • Google Ads. Google incorporates data from daily searches for goods and services. You can pay to be featured among top search results or via text ads. Google Ads work because you will appear among similar services that are being searched by customers who need your services. 

Running email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is a great way to advertise your computer repair services. It helps you stay engaged with your customers and reminds loyal customers to return to your services. Email marketing newsletters should feature:

  • New services you provide.
  • Upcoming promotions or special pricing.
  • Important updates.
  • Staff events and highlights. 

Great email marketing plans should support your other marketing efforts — for instance, a newsletter might link to a blog article. Make the most of your emails by using techniques like segmentation to direct specific, customized emails to certain members of your target audience.

To build a loyal customer base, consider creating a modern newsletter to keep your audience engaged with your business and your services. Tools such as Constant Contact’s Email Automation can make it quick and easy to stay in touch with your email network. 

Designing memorable logos and signage 

Creating polished logos and using professional images can leave a lasting impression on potential customers. So, it’s worth investing in the logo and signage of your computer repair business.

Computer repair advertising needs consistent branding with memorable logos and signage
Orange County Computer uses bright colors and a distinct logo to make a lasting impression on customers who visit their site.

Using social media and word-of-mouth advertising

Social media marketing is one of the quickest, most reliable, and most personal ways to interact with potential customers.

To build your online social media presence, use:

  • Facebook. Facebook’s news feed feature and virtual word-of-mouth appeal are both powerful tools you can add to your computer repair marketing toolbox. Use Facebook to engage with your customers, increase awareness about your services, and encourage new customers to take action by scheduling an appointment.
  • Instagram. This image-driven network provides a unique way to demonstrate your expertise as a computer repair expert. Post before and after photos as well as testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • Twitter. Twitter is made to facilitate sharing and conversing. Use Twitter as a way to start dialogues and get less formal feedback.

It’s okay if you are not a social media aficionado! It’s all about trying to have fun and connect with customers — just remember to stay professional and on-brand.

Computer repair advertising uses social media
OCC‘s Facebook page offers another way to explore their services and read what their customers are saying. 

Advertising and beyond

Developing an effective marketing plan and coming up with creative computer repair advertising ideas can feel like a challenge. But digital marketing will work wonders for growing your computer repair business.

The goal is to connect with new customers and increase awareness about your specialized service. You now know the essentials to do just that:

  • Understand your target audience.
  • Build your website with mobile devices and SEO in mind.
  • Manage your online listings and reviews.
  • Use ad services.
  • Consider email marketing.
  • Design visually appealing logos and signage.
  • Get on social media.