Congrats! You’ve sent your email campaign to your list of contacts. Now you can sit back and watch the orders pour in, right?

Not so fast.

Just because you got your message out, doesn’t mean that you can just kick back and relax just yet.

Email marketing doesn’t end when you hit ‘Send.’

It’s time to look at your reports so you can evaluate how your email did and take note of where you can make improvements.

But first, you need a strong grasp on the key reporting terms — what they mean and how they impact your business.

That’s why we created this glossary, for a quick reference of the key reporting terms you need to know.
email marketing glossary screenshot

Print this glossary so you can have it by your side the next time you dive into your email reports.

We’ll show you how to use these marketing terms and measure the impact of email marketing on your business during our free virtual workshop, See the Impact of Your Email Marketing with Reports. Can’t attended live? Register anyway. We’ll send you a recording.

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