Yoga teachers, studio owners, and digital marketers within the fitness industry can all benefit from email marketing. Through email marketing for yoga studios, you can develop one-on-one connections with your clients, helping you retain them over the long term. It’s an efficient and inexpensive tool that provides instant results, showcasing your yoga practice as a leader in your market. 

Starting your email marketing journey

You’ve probably been on the receiving end of email marketing messages from your favorite brands. You might get their email notifications about upcoming sales, events and webinars, and other info that keeps you abreast of what’s happening in the organization. 

Email marketing for yoga studios follows a similar strategy. You’ll use it to provide clients with news about your studio and membership updates. You can also share relevant information about topics you think they’ll appreciate — like healthy eating, mindfulness, and other wellness content. 

Setting clear goals for your yoga email marketing strategy

Before initiating an email marketing campaign for your yoga studio, it’s essential to determine your objectives. What do you hope to gain from your emails? Some examples of goals you may have include:

  • Developing a rapport with clients
  • Improving yoga class attendance
  • Increasing memberships to your studio
  • Facilitating yoga product or class sales
  • Attracting new clients
  • Increasing brand recognition in your market

Whatever your goals are, write them down so you can refer to them when drafting email content and measuring results.

Choose the right email marketing software for yoga studios

You’ll need a dedicated software program to send marketing emails to your yoga studio. A software program allows you to create beautifully designed messages using fully customizable templates. Some programs include features to build and manage your email list, making it easier to attract new clients. 

Once you have an email marketing program you feel comfortable with, you can start writing your messages.

Customizable templates and their importance

Why is it so important to use customizable templates? In short, because you want your messages to be visually appealing. A boring black-and-white text block isn’t likely to do many favors for your yoga studio. It may make your business appear unprofessional to your clients — something you definitely don’t want.

With customizable templates, you can use your studio’s logo and brand colors to emphasize your message content. Plus, you can include fun graphics and embedded videos that resonate with subscribers.

Segmentation options for tailored yoga emails

You may not have many subscribers in the early days of your marketing emails. However, its size will grow as you promote your list to your clients. Then, it becomes necessary to segment your subscribers into different groups.

Segmentation can help you provide more relevant content to your clients, potentially increasing your open rates and other engagement metrics. You can segment your list based on different factors, such as whether a subscriber is a new studio member or what classes they attend most frequently. 

Automation features for yoga instructors

You probably don’t want to spend hours each day crafting emails. After all, you have a yoga studio to run and classes to teach. That’s where marketing email automation can help.

When you implement automation into your email marketing strategy, clients receive your emails based on specific triggers you set. For instance, you might send automated welcome messages to new subscribers or confirm a client’s class signup via email. You can also set emails to send when you know clients are most likely to be online. 

A/B testing to optimize your email campaigns

As you start designing your emails, you can test various elements to determine which ones drive the most engagement. For instance, maybe you have two ideas for a subject line but aren’t sure which one is the most effective. You could test both subject lines among a small segment of your subscribers. If there’s a clear winner, you’d use that subject line with your broader audience.

Other aspects of your email campaigns conducive to A/B testing include images, message copy, and calls to action. 

Building and growing your yoga studio’s email list

Many business owners who are new to email marketing for yoga studios wonder how to attract subscribers. It’s actually pretty easy, especially if you already have an existing studio and regular attendees. Simply let your clients know about your list whenever they visit, and make joining easy. 

For instance, when clients pay their monthly membership or class fee, ask if they want to join your list during checkout. Make sure they understand its benefits — like exclusive news about your studio or first dibs on your top classes. 

Creating engaging content

You want your emails to be just as uplifting as your yoga classes, so focus on fitness marketing related to your practice. Here are a few yoga email examples of great content you can modify to fit your studio.

Craft engaging welcome emails for new subscribers

The first email a client should receive is a big thank-you for signing up for your list. Use the opportunity to show your appreciation and tell them what they can expect from future emails. You can also provide basic details about your yoga studio, like contact information and a link to your website.

Design effective follow-up emails

A follow-up email circles back with a client after they take a specific action, such as signing up for a future class or membership. It serves as a confirmation. You can also use follow-ups as reminders. For instance, if your client reserved a spot for a Saturday morning yoga session, you can use a follow-up to remind them of the reservation, reducing the chance they won’t show.

Yoga with Adrienne newsletter signup confirmation
Example of a newsletter signup confirmation follow-up email. Source: Yoga With Adriene

Craft informative newsletters for regular engagement

Not every message you send has to be sales-oriented. Instead, send creative emails that help establish your credibility and build interest among subscribers. You can include recent news about the yoga industry, helpful tips for managing a healthy diet, and strategies to reduce stress. As a yoga practitioner, you know what interests you, and chances are your clients feel the same.

Develop eye-catching promotions and discounts

You probably notice that different times of the year yield higher class engagement. Perhaps you see a rise in memberships at the start of the new year when everyone makes their resolutions. Use those opportunities to offer promotions and discounts that attract membership renewals or class signups.

You can make some of your promotions and discounts exclusive to your email marketing subscribers, which will make your list more enticing to your clients. 

Use emails to announce events and special classes

Does your yoga studio offer any special events throughout the year? Maybe you do a springtime yoga wellness course or hold a special 30-day daily practice event annually. Whenever you host an important event you want clients to join, share it with them via a yoga class invitation email to increase participation. 

Collect feedback through thoughtfully designed emails

It’s a good idea to ask clients to share their thoughts about your yoga studio. Do they enjoy your classes? Are your facilities up to their expectations? How do they feel about your teaching style? 

You can use emails to ask your clients for feedback about their recent experiences. Their observations can help you find ways to improve your studio. 

Expanding your reach

There are many ways you can build your subscriber list that don’t involve the checkout desk at your yoga studio. Here are a few email marketing tips for yoga studios that work.

Incentivize signups with lead magnets and offers

The Yoga Hive newsletter signup
The Yoga Hive’s website includes an email newsletter sign-up form placed prominently on its homepage. Source: The Yoga Hive

Use your website’s fitness blog to grow your subscriber list. Include a sign-up box that’s clearly visible to your website’s visitors and tells them exactly why they should opt into your mailing list. To further encourage them, you might offer a free benefit, such as a discount on a future class or a beginner’s guide to yoga.

Utilize contests and giveaways to attract subscribers

Few people will turn down the opportunity for a freebie, especially for something they love like yoga. Run a contest for your clients offering something they’d like, such as a one-month free membership or a personal one-on-one session with one of your top teachers. When they enter your contest, include an optional opt-in for your email list. Most will probably subscribe. 

Leverage social media to enhance list-building

If you use social media platforms to engage with your clients, inform them of your email list. Include an easy way for them to subscribe, such as a link in your Instagram bio or Facebook post.

To boost subscriber rates, inform them of the benefits of your list: access to upcoming classes and special events, discounts, informative content, and contests.

Technical aspects of email marketing

The fun part of email marketing for yoga studios is crafting content and engaging with subscribers. However, consider a few technical aspects that keep your list secure and professional.

Optimize emails for mobile devices

Many people check their email on smartphones and tablets, not desktop computers. Ensure subscribers can easily read and act on your messages no matter what device they use with flexible, responsive templates.

Email marketing template from Constant Contact
This email template is viewable on computers and mobile devices. Source: Constant Contact

Email punctuation, grammar, and etiquette

Spelling and grammar errors are avoidable by carefully reviewing your content before hitting the send button. For extra protection against unwanted errors, consider running your messages through a free spelling and grammar checker like Grammarly.

Angry recipients and misunderstandings

Occasionally, you may encounter an annoyed subscriber who expresses frustration with your emails. If you get any negative feedback, make sure to address it promptly. For instance, if a subscriber demands you remove them from your mailing list, do so right away and send them a confirmation. 

Tools and software to enhance email marketing

Selecting the right email marketing software for your yoga studio is critical to maximizing your campaigns. Constant Contact offers an affordable solution packed with the features you need, including attractive templates, automation options, and subscriber management tools. 

Another software popular among businesses in the fitness and wellness industries is Mindbody, which helps you manage your class schedules, accept payments, and motivate staff. You can integrate Constant Contact and Mindbody to streamline your marketing efforts. 

Cybersecurity and protecting your email communications

It’s imperative to protect your subscribers’ personal information and contact details. Don’t share your subscriber information with third parties, and protect your email marketing list with strong passwords and authentication tools to reduce the risk of hacks.

Integrating marketing efforts

Email marketing for yoga studios can yield big returns. However, you can get even better results when you blend email marketing with other communication channels. 

Combine email and SMS for maximum engagement

Some yoga studios use both email and SMS to connect with clients. SMS is useful when you have a quick message to convey directly to your recipient. For instance, you could use SMS to remind clients of their upcoming yoga class. 

Synchronize email with social media strategy

Many yoga studios have accounts on social media platforms. You can use social media to promote your yoga studio and encourage followers to drop in for a class. Ask them to join your email list for personalized communication during the class signup.

Track and monitor email campaign performance

Most email marketing software programs include tools to analyze your campaign performance. Pay attention to key metrics that track subscriber engagement, such as open rates and click-throughs. Every message you send should have a goal, and you can designate specific metrics to evaluate whether you’re meeting objectives.

Extra considerations and best practices

Consider these yoga marketing best practices as you implement your first email campaign.

Avoid controversial content and maintain positivity

Many clients practice yoga to relax, improve mindfulness, and strengthen their body. Remember their goals when sharing content, and avoid topics that stray from your yoga studio’s purpose.

Time emails for best open and engagement rates

As you initiate your marketing campaigns, you may notice that clients are more responsive at certain times or days of the week. Pay attention to those details and consider scheduling emails when subscribers are more likely to read them and take action.

Handling privacy and data protection in email marketing

Most countries have laws and regulations concerning consumer privacy and data protection. It’s important to speak with an attorney who can explain the rules that apply to your yoga studio’s marketing emails. 

Some legal considerations include your opt-in procedures, customer data storage and sharing, and intellectual property within your content. In general, you need a subscriber’s written consent to send email marketing messages, and if they request to opt-out, remove them promptly from your list.

Use email marketing for yoga studios to build a loyal clientele

Think of email marketing as a tool you can lean on to strengthen customer relationships. You can use it to promote your classes, build your professional yoga reputation, and increase membership to your studio. However, email is just one component of a solid marketing strategy. Explore our guide to “10 Yoga Marketing Ideas to Get More Customers” for ways to expand your clientele.