There’s currently a spending war being waged in higher education marketing.

Colleges and universities are spending more on student recruitment — investing in flashy and expensive marketing campaigns, often through pricey agencies that treat schools like businesses, rather than institutions.

Many schools find it difficult to keep up with this level of spending, especially when budgets are tight and marketing isn’t a top priority.  

Luckily, a report released by Hanover Research suggests that there is a more effective and frugal direction where your college should focus its energy.

According to the report: “Higher education institutions are relying more on marketing automation to establish and maintain meaningful relationships with students and alumni.”

Rather than casting a wide and expensive net for student recruitment, automated marketing tools provide a targeted and cost-effective solution.

A tool like email marketing lets you send professional communications to build loyalty with current students, keep in touch with alumni, and encourage both to advocate for your institution.

As the report continues, “Today’s marketing automation tools are able to integrate email, content marketing, social media marketing, landing pages, and comprehensive analytics.”

Your institution can increase its marketing impact with a multi-channel approach.

Extend the reach of your communications by sharing your emails on social media or archiving recent mailings on your website.

Stay connected to students, families, and staff with expert marketing advice and all the tools you need, all in one place.

Need some inspiration on the types of emails to send out? Check out our Higher Education Marketing page and look through the handy guide below!

Higher Education Marketing infographic