In the age of Google, restaurants no longer rely on passersby for clientele. Now, there are more online options than ever for restaurants to be seen by potential clients. One option is social media marketing, which, during the pandemic, many businesses relied heavily upon to stay afloat. But what if you could be found more easily on Google?

Using the power of your blog to attract visitors from search engines may be simpler than you think. In this article, you’ll find seven restaurant blog ideas to help you rank higher on Google. With some consistency and creativity, you’ll soon see increased online traffic and a bigger customer base.

Get the tools and guidance you need to find new customers and keep your regulars coming back for more.

The benefits of restaurant blogging

If you’ve already had some success growing your restaurant’s presence on social media, you might wonder why blogging is worth your time. After all, isn’t blogging something travelers and teenagers do? Not anymore. Businesses are starting blogs to get noticed online and position themselves as the go-to choice in their industry.

Restaurant blog ideas to get you started

When brainstorming blog topic ideas, think of frequent customer suggestions and questions for ideas. Once you get started, stay motivated by keeping a list of restaurant blog ideas at hand.

Ideally, you’ll keep a content calendar with the posts you want to write and the dates you plan to publish them. This will help you stay organized and motivate you to keep writing. If you have a few post ideas ready before you need them, you’ll stay organized and be able to post even on days when you aren’t feeling inspired. If you’re not sure what to write about, consider the following ideas:

1. Recipes (on or off your menu)

‌Delight your fans and entice potential customers by sharing some recipes online. This works great for recipes many may be unfamiliar with, if, for example, your restaurant offers authentic cuisine from another country. But it doesn’t have to be a totally unique recipe, either. It can be as simple as sharing how you make your salsa or a popular drink on your menu. This will increase goodwill among potential customers and tempt them to try the real thing. Be sure to explain how the recipe is unique and remind them that they can visit your restaurant to try it if they don’t feel like making it at home.

restaurant blog ideas
The Tomato Head, in Knoxville, TN, took advantage of a seasonal opportunity to share a southern classic recipe o

2. Tourist attractions in your area

‌Though it’s highly dependent on your area, “things to do in ___” is always a results page you want to appear on. The more touristy the place, the more competition you’ll have. If you’re knowledgeable about the area, make a list of things all visitors should check out. Be sure to include your restaurant somewhere on that list and highlight all the reasons why you’re tourist-friendly.

Even if you’re targeting visitors from a different area in the same city, you can position your neighborhood as trendy or up and coming to get on people’s radar. Share with them what’s great about the area and where they can catch a movie or go see live music after enjoying dinner at your restaurant.

3. Top restaurants in your neighborhood

‌By covering restaurant options in your area (including your own, of course), you’re providing a service to potential customers. At the same time, you’re securing your spot on that top restaurant list. Considering that people search for restaurants more than hotels, shopping, or entertainment, your post is likely to benefit many consumers.

4. New menu launches

‌Is it time to release a new dish or a seasonal menu? These events are ready-made restaurant blog ideas. Take advantage of these events to engage with your community and online searchers. Share the story of what made your team decide to release this menu item, how long it will be around, and why food lovers should make a point of ordering it on their next visit. You can even add a button for readers to make a reservation at the end of your post.

5. “How to eat” tutorials

‌Do you serve food that’s messy or new to locals in the area? Teach them the best way to eat it on your blog. Whether it’s an exotic fruit, lobster, or another hands-on dish, readers will appreciate the help. Not only will you help them understand your cuisine better, but they’ll also consider coming to your restaurant to put their skills to the test.

6. Local supplier profiles

‌If you work with local producers, consider publishing a piece to highlight your suppliers. Share the story of the farmer providing your goat cheese, the artist that makes your mugs, or the local baker that makes every pastry possible. These stories are at the heart of the food you serve, and readers of your blog will enjoy them as much as they enjoy the flavors at your restaurant. Be sure to share these posts on your social media accounts as well.

7. Event calendar

‌Give people a reason to visit your restaurant. Some establishments will host live music nights, offer happy hours, or even throw parties. You don’t have to spend a fortune on party planning, though. Just let potential visitors know when they can come for taco night or what days you offer discounts on cocktails. While some will visit for the offer and leave, others will order more, and some may even become regular patrons.

restaurant blog ideas
Longtime local favorite Puckett’s in Nashville, TN, regularly offers live music entertainment. A sleek list right on the homepage makes it easy to see what’s coming up.

‌How to get ranked on Google

Before you make it to the first page, you’ll need to decide on your search engine optimization (SEO) plan, including a local SEO strategy. These tips will help you get started:

  • Cover your bases by creating a Google Business Profile listing and providing your information to popular restaurant listings and directories like Yelp, Zomato, TripAdvisor, and more.
  • Make sure your website is mobile-responsive so it can be viewed and navigated on almost any electronic device. 
  • Download a keyword tool to your blog platform (For example, Yoast works well with WordPress) to help you make sure you’re including your keywords and phrases enough but not too much.
  • Choose your keywords according to search volume. You can find stats for searches per month on possible keywords using Google Keyword Planner.

Making your blog work for you

To get the most out of your restaurant blog ideas, include a pop-up or field that visitors can use to join your email list. A list of interested recipients will help you get the most out of your email marketing efforts and bring more customers through the door.

When you’re starting out, incentives can be especially useful. Consider including discount codes, free items, or other exclusive rewards for customers who join your email list.

Start blogging

As a restauranteur, you know all about the culture, creativity, and work that make your food possible. By taking these stories and sharing them online with your restaurant blog, you’ll attract more customers while building a stronger brand.

Now it’s time to commit to making blogging one of your top modern restaurant promotion ideas. And, after reading these tips for restaurant blog ideas, you’re one step closer to attracting new customers.

Pick some topics you want to share on your restaurant’s blog, research keywords those blog posts could target, and create a schedule for when you’d like to post them. As you write, more story ideas will come to mind and you’ll be into the groove of promoting your restaurant through your blog before you know it.