So you want to expand your real estate email list and use your website to do it. Why wouldn’t you? The point of being in business is to attract customers, and in an age so largely impacted by the internet, a website is one of the best ways to reach clientele.

We know that the world of online marketing can seem daunting and is filled with specific strategies, but Constant Contact is here to help you navigate it like a pro.

In this article, we’ll focus on one of the most effective online marketing tools — email signup — highlighting:

  • Why email is a useful marketing strategy 
  • Why an email signup tool is an effective way to build an email list
  • Tips for making the most of your email list  

Email Marketing

Chances are, if you’re reading this article, you work in real estate. While you’re busy building your listing portfolio, attracting new clients, and maintaining relationships with existing ones, it’s important to use an online marketing tool that is efficient and effective.

Email marketing is one of the most powerful online marketing tools that can save you time and help you rack up referrals from previous buyers, direct traffic to your listings, and attract new customers.

Most people check their emails every day, which is just one reason why email marketing is a worthwhile pursuit. You can stay in contact with current or potential clients in a timely manner, increase awareness of and interest in your brand, and reach a large audience in a way that’s easily measured and comes at a low cost.

Now, you might be asking, “How do I gather email addresses for my mailing list?” While there are a couple of different answers to this question, one of the easiest ways is by allowing your audience to sign up through your website.

Thanks to the improved efficiency of website builders and the additions of customizable templates, image libraries, mobile-responsive displays — and of course, the ever-important email signup form — optimizing a real estate website could not be simpler.

Why should I use an email signup tool on my website?‌

Perhaps the most important reason to include a signup form on your website is that it is an easy and efficient tool for turning occasional website visitors into new contacts.

Whether your email updates occur weekly, biweekly, or monthly, both potential and current clients will appreciate receiving the latest updates about your brand. Plus, seeing your business’s name pop up in their inbox from time to time will remind a customer of your services the next time they’re needed.

In addition to being consistent, you’ll also need to make sure the content you’re sending your subscribers is both relevant and engaging. Fill your emails with valuable information so that readers will look forward to opening them.

Tips to get more signups

We know what you’re thinking: why would anyone voluntarily share their email address?

We all know the annoyance of dealing with a constant influx of spam or junk emails. Because of this, many people are wary of giving yet another business their information. However, email marketing is an effective method of increasing and retaining business. So, how does a brand convince its target audience that its emails need to be in their inboxes?

Offer an incentive

One of the most enticing methods of encouraging people to join your email list is to offer them something of value like a free guide to neighborhoods in a popular area or appealing to their specific needs by notifying them of new listings in their market of choice.

Keep it simple

Chances are, your website’s visitors won’t want to jump through any hoops. After all, they’re busy people, just like you. For that reason, you will need to make sure the process for joining the email list is easy and straightforward.

Ensure you are only asking for necessary information, at the very least, name and email address. Stick to the basics and as you build the relationship, you can gather more information to help you send even more relevant content.

Set proper expectations

As we mentioned earlier, it’s important to be consistent and offer information that’s both engaging and relevant to your email subscribers.

When you decide how often you’ll send your emails, think about the kind of content you’ll include. Will there be notifications of new listings? Home improvement tips? Market data? Decide what email content you’ll send, then let subscribers know what to expect when they sign up.

Choose a signup form that’s easy to access

You might notice that when you visit your favorite website, a pop-up or banner appears on the bottom of the screen and prompts you to join the mailing list. Those sign-up forms are an easy and effective way to add names to your real estate email list.

However, your signup form doesn’t have to be a pop-up. It can be a permanent fixture on your website’s footer or a contact page. This way, clients can choose to sign up for your newsletter after spending a few minutes browsing your website.

Send out a welcome email

A great way to connect with your new subscribers is to set up a welcome email that goes out automatically after someone adds their email address to your mailing list. It’s a great way to guarantee your real estate services stay fresh on their mind, and it’s a personal touch your subscribers will enjoy.

Why? Because the time at which the customer signs up is when they’re most interested in your services. That initial email acts as a great first step in turning a new contact into a loyal customer. Use this first message to introduce yourself, ask subscribers to add you to their contact lists so they don’t miss an email, and tell readers what kind of content they can expect from you and how often.

It’s also when you want to deliver on the incentive or offer you gave for signing up. New subscribers will not only be appreciative of the personal touch a welcome email provides, but they’ll also thank you for an insider scoop into the real estate world.

Let’s Get Started!

Email marketing is an effective and low-cost way to boost your business, and it’s a great way to stay in touch with your clients. Take advantage of all that email marketing can do for your business today, and you’ll be glad you did.

For tips on how to grab your readers’ attention in their inboxes, check out these tips for creating interesting subject lines.