If you use an @yahoo.com email in the “from” address of your email campaigns, you may have seen an increase in bounces over the last few days.

Why the increase in bounces?

Late on Friday, April 4, Yahoo made a change in their authentication policy for people sending from @yahoo.com email addresses.

The policy change was made to combat spoofing attacks, but one of the side effects has been that some of the emails you send from your Constant Contact account might not get delivered.

(Note: All email service providers are impacted by this change; it is not isolated to Constant Contact.)

This means that if you’re sending email through an email service provider (ESP) — like Constant Contact — using an @yahoo.com address as your “from” address, your email will be rejected and recorded as a bounce by any internet service provider (ISP) that checks it against Yahoo’s new authentication policy. This list of ISPs currently includes Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, and Comcast.

Here’s how can you ensure your emails get delivered

Constant Contact recommends that you refrain from using an @yahoo.com address as your “from” address. Instead, choose a “from” address that is associated with a domain you control rather than a free domain (e.g., john@companyname.com rather than john@yahoo.com). This not only limits any deliverability issues, it also gives your business the legitimate exposure it deserves.

If you have no other choice than to use a free webmail domain (e.g., Gmail, Hotmail), then at least be sure to avoid Yahoo at this time.